The Hutch :: A Progress Report

Well, it’s not done. You might be surprised, but sadly I’m not. I don’t really have to provide a visual of how much laundry four children can produce, do I? We’ll save that amazing post for another day. I also had to pick my dad up at the airport late this morning, take him and the kidlets to lunch, then naps, then tea, then supper… so really, there wasn’t much time. I did sneak away for a bit to play when I thought no one would notice, so I’ll show you a few pics of what I managed to get done so far. I will apologize in advance for the color. My camera was really struggling to get the white balance right, as I did in post-editing. This is a tricky color to capture, and the change from natural, fading light to incandescent was not so easy to correct for.

First, here’s the whole thing with one solid coat of Duck Egg Blue, as well as one dry brushed “texture” coat. The finish on the hutch was the original spray coated yellow paint, which had no character and was completely flat and level, so I really wanted to add some texture.

Once Solid Coat

Then I went at it with some dark glaze.

Once Solid Coat

Dark Wax Detail

Another Dark Wax Detail

It was a nice effect, but it was a bit more subtle than I wanted. The textured/dragged coat worked well, which was nice to know.


Since I wanted a bit more drama, I decided to move to the clear wax while adding some color with a few more of the chalk paint. I used Graphite, Coco, and a mix of both for these next shots.Wax Glaze

Wax Glaze Detail

Another Wax Glaze Detail

It’s getting there. I think it’s going to take a bit more layers to produce the richness I’m looking for, but adding the paint to the clear wax is definitely more dramatic than the subtleness of the dark wax only. I’m not sure what the actual terms for my technique is… does “hey, what would happen if I did this. Cool… let’s do more” or “oh geez, good thing I can paint right over top of this” work? There was a lot of that. Also a few “eek, that looks awful” swipes as well as some “hoo boy I might be getting what all the hype about this paint is” jigs. Quite a variety, as you can see.

My dad says it looks pretty dark in the corners, maybe a little dirty. I told him the was exactly what I was going for. Yay! But even with my enthusiasm, he didn’t look so convinced. We shall see whether I can change his mind.

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