Making Valentines

There is so much work being done right now; nothing is quite finished and ready to show, most things are 75% – 95% complete. Life, as usual, keeps throwing curve balls and all that time I have ear marked to get things done simply vanishes before I have a chance to blink. But we’re so very close!

So I thought I’d show you a Valentine’s project I worked on with our Kindergardener last year.

My kids get a little crazy with the art supplies, and I had stacks and stacks of art papers laying around, waiting for something magical to happen to it before it went into the recycling bin. As previously stated, I can’t get enough of this art when they’re at this stage; it is such a pleasure to watch and there are so many ideas I have to use it all up!

So, a few days before her party, we sat down, went through the stack, picked out our favorite pictures, traced a lovely heart shape, and then cut them out.

I had some vellum envelopes in my craft stash, so we placed the colorful hearts in the envelopes and our girl wrote out the names of her classmates on labels, which we placed in the center of each envelope. Her name was written on another label that we stuck to the back.

They were awfully cute, and I was so happy to see her maintain her focus until we placed the last heart in the envelope and stuck on the last label. I think we both enjoyed spending time together making things; I hope we get to do it for a few more years.




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