Another Project Begun

Because life isn’t interesting enough, the decision was made to start another project. You think I should finish something before starting another? Well, I suppose that’s wise advice, but you see, my father is here this week and he’s quite handy with a paintbrush, so I’m putting him to work. While the paint dries in one room, he moves onto another, getting a nice rhythm going while I do things like change diapers, make lunches, separate screaming children, change diapers, get snacks, put everyone to bed, change diapers, pick kids up from school… you know, nothing really of much importance.

On that note, I’ll introduce you to our foyer… the next on the list of ToDo’s.

Once he finished the walls in the library Dad moved on to this space. It’s pretty much the same as the day we moved, sans a few boxes. And trust me when I say it is not ever this tidy unless the camera comes out; I have moved several stacks of mail waiting to be sorted, a few jackets that never made it into the closet, and at one point there might have been one or two dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds in the corners.

Another Foyer View

Full of light, lots of closets, a place to put all of our mail when we walk into the house from the garage… I will be honest and tell you this foyer and the little mudroom attached to it was one of the many reasons I fell in love with it in the first place.

Foyer to Garage

I’m so excited to get to this space! It is the first place we land when we come home; it’s a space that helps get us organized before we leave and as we come back; it’s a command center for the family… or rather, it will be after I have my way with it.

But I wasn’t sure what to do with it for a while. I started dumping things here when I didn’t know where to place it in other rooms, as a matter of fact quite a few things from our breakfast room in the previous house made it here. Have I mentioned there is no breakfast room in this house? And as much as we didn’t really want a breakfast room, I got attached to it, and especially my little photo wall. Before long, it became clear that the foyer would be a great place to continue that color theme and a get my mini pictures back up on the wall.

I grabbed a few swatches a few weeks ago at our local hardware store, taped them up to the wall, and then got completely stuck trying to decide between two shades… a lovely pale aqua and a rather muted chartreuse. Couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided I’d use them both. Then I thought maybe I could so something with stripes… so I took to trusty old photoshop to mock up a few ideas. This is one of them.

Foyer Stripes

What do you think? I’m pretty sure I’m moving in a slightly different direction, but it was fun to mock it up to see if any of my crazy ideas could possibly work. I think I’m going to stick with the stripes, but with a different application. I’m going to try it out tomorrow, well, if time and children permit.

Or maybe I’ll clean up the library.

Or add another layer to the hutch.


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