Sunless Saturday

It was a rainy, cold, and wet day. So we stayed inside and tried to keep ourselves busy.


There are a few things in progress at the moment, but nothing that’s really complete. Hopefully that will come tomorrow.

There was one project that finally got a little shove into the finished folder…

The Bed

That’s one bed down, two more to go! Woo-hoo!


Another Birthday

March is a busy month for us. We have a birthday as we enter it, and another to celebrate as we prepare to leave it. In like a lion, out like a lamb, yes? Or maybe it’s more appropriately in like a one year old, out like a five year old.

Of course we started the day with the much anticipated birthday shirt. A sister-designed robot shirt, for the little guy who wants to grow up to be a robot. “But you can’t be a robot, Mama, so I’ll just have to be a robot builder.”

Birthday Shirt

Once again, the shirt was started and finished in the eleventh hour. This time, however, I had to admit a tiny bit of defeat. After sewing the felt number five crookedly for the sixth time, I gave up and used some iron-on fusing to get the job done. I will sew it on later today, but for now, a bit of rest while we enjoy the company of family who came in to visit for the day.

Another Angle

I still love how excited the kids gets to make and give and wear these shirts. It’s amazing what a bit of fabric markers, an old tshirt scrap, some creativity, a few stitches, and a whole lot of love can magic up!

Of course all that new shirt enthusiasm prompted the little ones still at home to get out theirs as well…
The Three Year Old Shirt

Baby Shirt

If you’d like to take a look at some other shirts, there’s the tutorial here, and the three year old’s here, and another three year old here, and our very first one here. Although I didn’t blog about them, pictures of the six and four year old shirts can be found with the tutorial.

And the day wouldn’t be complete without the special birthday cake request, although this time it was for S’mores Whoopie Pies, erm, I mean Gobs, which really were pretty tasty, although not so pretty. How could you possibly go wrong with Marshmallow Fluff  and Nutella filling? I’m pretty certain we’ll be making these again quite soon.

S'mores Whoopies

It was a lovely little family party to celebrate this little five year old guy. Just a perfect day.

“How does it feel to be five?” we asked him.

“It feels like I’m almost six.”

Happy Birthday, my almost six year old, but please don’t grow up so fast.


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The Bookshelves

A while ago, and I’m not saying exactly when, the Christmas villages that my Mom put up for us were finally taken off of my shelves and boxed up and put away.

All Empty

Which left them a bit, uh, empty and looking a bit uncared for, possibly dusty… Possibly.

That window seat is quite popular in our house; it’s almost everyone’s favorite place to sit. The good thing about it is that while you’re there taking in the view, watching the ships sailing past, you can’t actually see the shelves. Of course this means I was able to ignore them a bit longer than I should. We started filling the shelves up with random bits of things that couldn’t find their home, and I knew that unless I came up with something, they were bound to stay the catch-all place for little bits of junk that would drive me to distraction.

The thing is, I’m miserable at decorating. I’ve never had the knack for it like some people do. Although I’m comfortable creating color schemes and painting walls, it’s really hard work for me to pull objects together or even have a vision of where I want it all to go. I know when it’s not right or I don’t like it, but I’m not good at figuring out what I’d like better. If you’d ask me what my style is, I’d refer you to my friend Heather (Hi Heather!!), because I really don’t have any idea what it’s called. Maybe Too-Tired-To-Clean-Up-The-Legos Transitional? How about Post-Modernist Meets Dust-Bunny?

Here’s what I decided to do. Well, I say “decided” but really, this is a project that’s in progress… so maybe I should say “I’m deciding” since it’s all subject to change should I come up with a better idea. I know that I do not want something so busy that it detracts or competes with the view out the window. I don’t want it to be too littered with tchotckies, since I’m afraid that not only will it get too busy, but it will become a little-kids-with-curious-fingers magnet area. I think that I’d like to keep it simple and monochromatic, with bits of natural color and textural contrast thrown in here and there. I’d like to keep it calm and focused. I thought I could use some of the big (and small) glass containers I have lying around, as well as some of the stones we have from our local beaches (they’re beautiful… and free!) and see where that got me. With all that glass and all those rocks, I thought it might be nice to jump on the terrarium bandwagon as well.

So! All that thinking, and a little bit of gathering, now I have…

The left bookcase…Left Bookshelf


Terrarium Detail

Local Terrarium

Detail of the Local Terrarium

The right bookcase…Right Bookshelf


Local Moss

I have no idea what all the plants in the big terrarium (which used to be a pretty awesome fish bowl) are, but they looked pretty nice at one of our local garden shops. I hope they all get along now that they have to play so closely together. The plant/moss in the little jars are hyper local terrariums, directly gathered from my backyard.

I only have the bottom sections of the shelves done so they’re both still pretty empty, but at least it’s a start, right? I need to rearrange a few things, get some more rocks and natural materials to work with, but now I have some idea of how to move forward.

What do you think?


Make Your Own

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sometimes struggle with what to make the kids for lunch and dinner. There is only so many times in the week I’m willing to let them eat mac and cheese or cereal, although there is one of ours who would be happy to eat Cheerios for every meal of the day if we would allow it. Sometimes when I get a little desperate, we do a “make your own” themed meal. Today’s lunch was “make your own sandwiches.”

Make Your Own Sandwich

We used these itty bitty toasts that you find in the cheese section of the store, although you could use crackers just as easily. I cut up some turkey and cheddar into little squares that fit just about right.

Mini Sandwiches

Thank goodness they were a hit! Not only do we love “make your own” but anything “mini” also gets its fair share of enthusiasm. The yogurt and apples were meant to be “side dishes,” but both kids decided to try a little of both on their sandwiches followed by positive reviews. Not quite my favorite flavor profile, but hey… to each their own!

Stacker Sandwich

In keeping with the theme, I tried to “make my own” raised bed, but I’m afraid I did not get very far.

All Level

It might not be finished, but it is progressing. Baby steps. Or maybe—so as to bring about more enthusiasm—mini steps.

Hot Hot Hot

I honestly thought I would be resentful of all this nice Spring weather we’re having. After all, winter is my favorite season and we really had none to speak of this year. None. At. All. So when the forecast called for temps in the 80’s, I have to admit I felt a little conflicted. Would I be able to appreciate it, or would I feel a little sulky and stay in the cool dark basement with my little baby plants?

I shouldn’t have worried. As soon as that sun hit (and boy oh boy, did it ever!) off came the jackets, socks, and shoes, and outside we went. I had beds to plant, and beds to raise, and little giggles to share when our third born asked how much longer it would take until we could sleep on the beds we were preparing. We also had little fevers and coughs and sniffles to tend, a trip to the doctor thrown in for good measure, and an on-the-go baby who would not be contained or distracted from her very important exploratory missions that somehow always ended up in the radish patch eating dirt. Yes, we spent much time outdoors, but I didn’t get done nearly what I had imagined that I might. Including those doggone raised beds.

I have a trench though, so there’s that.

The Trench

And we took the rest of our kumquats and made some lovely water to keep us nicely hydrated, which is what you need when you’re out in the hot hot sun, digging trenches.

Sunny Kumquats

Refreshing Water

Tomorrow’s goals include finishing the raised bed, and finishing the raised bed, and oh, well probably finishing the raised bed.

I’m hoping I can focus. We’ll see how that goes.