A First Birthday :: The Mama Knit

Time to celebrate another birthday. It was a day of firsts and a lasts for us here: a first birthday that has come and gone; the last of our babies to do so; the first birthday of 2012; the final first birthday our closest clan will all celebrate together; the first time I have felt sure our family is complete; our last baby.

First Birthday Muffin

But lest I sound maudlin, let me assure you the occasion was most definitely celebratory, as any family with four children may be on such a special day. No need to invite friends to fill seats (although all are always welcome), our table is full and no corner of the house is quiet. We are a party unto ourselves most definitely!

Birthday Milo

Just one week shy of her birthday, I realized I had not yet started her mama made knit! Oh no! Not only had I not started it, but I hadn’t even thought about what I might make for her. So in the mad rush to pack and leave for a week back home in Pennsylvania, I grabbed three ball of Rowan Lima from my stash, my pack of needles, and hoped for the best.

Thanks to another lovely mama who has just started knitting not so long ago, Lisa from The Little House That Grew who just had her house grow a little bit more with the addition of a beautiful baby boy, provided the inspiration I needed just in the nick of time. Enter the Milo Sweater Vest.

The Milo Braid

Oh I can not say enough about my love for this pattern! Three days it took me people, THREE DAYS! And that was only during a few hours of movie time in the evening—the only time I get to watch movies is when I visit my parents’ homes. This pattern was lighting fast, easy to memorize, and incredibly well written. Even if you’ve never knit a cable before, this would not be a difficult project given the clear instruction. I love patterns that leave nothing to the imagination. Georgie Hallam, the designer, even provides several cable options, which you could easily swap out with your own preference should you like to try something new. I will be casting on for another very soon. THREE DAYS!

And boy oh boy, does it look adorable on my girl! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…

The Milo and Cheeks

The Aran Braid Cable

Sweet Sweet Milo

A Milo Vest, nice and snug for an on-the-move crawler with no sleeves to snag, knit with a fantastically soft beautifully heathered yarn and lots of lots of mama’s love. Every stitch slipped through my hands, little one, while memories of your first year wound through my thoughts and bound your heart every closer to mine.

Happy Birthday.


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15 thoughts on “A First Birthday :: The Mama Knit

    • Anna!! Good to see you here again!! I remember trying to knit a hat for my third born while at the hospital after the c-section… never knew what those drugs could do to gauge until that utter—but hilarious—disaster. I ended up crocheting something instead!

  1. What a great job you did. Love your pictures and your sweet baby!! Love the purple. I love this vest and I have it knit it MOST out of all the patterns I have done. There is a great sweater dress that Soule Mama just knit up by the same designer as the Milo vest. Love the vest and thanks for letting me know you like mine.

    • Aww Lisa! Thanks so much! I have another one of Georgie’s queued up on Ravelry… it’s a zigzag hoodie and I think I’m starting it for a friend this weekend! So glad you stopped by!

  2. There was this magazine that you had that also had the most beautiful shrunk slippers in it that I loved. Just in case you run out of ideas to knit. The vest looks great on my little cutie. Happy Birthday love!!!!

    • How about I teach you to knit Mom and you make them yourself!! I swear it’s not that hard! No one is getting anything until I knit myself a sweater!! 😉

    • Suzanne, I surely hope to, although I have to admit that I’m going to be cheating on your gals for the next few weeks while I take a ceramics class. Eek!

  3. I bought this pattern, but have yet to work it up for my three year old – this may just give me the impetus to start! Its adorable on your daughter.

    • Surya, thank you so much! We are getting lots of use out of it, I have to admit. Just give it a go… It’s so quick and painless!!

  4. Enjoyed your story and love the way you write! I’m surprised you have time with four little ones in your brood. Isn’t Rowan Lima the best yarn ever? Have a nice day.

    • Laura, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Time is definitely in short supply, but all the little minutes here and there eventually add up to something. And yes, that Lima is a thing of beauty! I just found four extra balls I forgot I had in my stash!

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