The Library :: Good Enough for Now

The library is cleaned up, organized, and as good as it’s going to get for a while.The Library Now

I’ve been rearranging seating, and dreaming up some future plans for painting and updating a few of the pieces. And since I’ve taken this picture, I’ve added three small chairs for three little kids. I have my gram’s cane backed seat and her table right where I imagined they’d sit as we walked through the house the very first time.

Another Library Shot

I finally have the little roll top desk in it’s proper place, although the contents are waiting to be loaded in. This is one of the pieces I have big plans for, but I think I’ll wait until the weather has warmed up a bit.

The Mini Roll Top Desk

I have a few pictures to hang, a magazine holder to install on the wall, the kids’ bookshelf dividers to put up, and a few objects to scatter about, but mostly I’m satisfied with how it’s all come together.

Library Users

Obviously, I’m not the only one.


4 thoughts on “The Library :: Good Enough for Now

    • Thanks Danielle! We’ve used it so much in the past week that I’m wondering why I waited so long to get it done in the first place!

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