Seedling Saturday

So far…


so good.


So. Good.

More Seedlings

The cucumbers broke through less than 24 hours after they were planted. That was something else! We also have kale, zucchini, leeks, green onions, basil, dill, kohlrabi, and fennel up n’ at em. We’re still waiting for some sign from the eggplants. Next time round I’ll plant the zucchini and cucumbers in the larger tomato disks, as the roots for both have broken through the smaller ones and are now invading their neighbors.


Half of the tomatoes are up; I’m going to re-sow the remaining empties with three seeds a piece and pinch back once they’re a bit more established. They look so fragile!

Strawberries went in last night. Tomorrow, a bit of replanting, some direct in the ground sowing (have my peas in, now for the radishes and some greens) and a handful more into the germination pots.

Wow! This is somehow incredibly satisfying. I hope I don’t mess it up from here.


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