Sunday Switch

I don’t want to say I have Spring Fever, since I might be in denial about not getting any winter at all, but I might be willing to say that I’ve started a bit of Spring cleaning. It may or may not have started by sweeping all my cookbooks out of the messy, disorganized shelf unit this morning. I’ve never had a great place for them here at this house. It drove me crazy not to be able to find my titles easily.

How It Began

The two piles you can see here are my “foraging, and putting by” pile on the left and on the right is the “secondary reference” books. The teeny bit you see on the left is my “bread baking” pile, and directly behind the “reference” pile is “my absolute favorites.” Needless to say, my categories are incredibly personal, and it’s pretty clear that I will be the only one who can keep them filed correctly. I had to go without them for a few months when we first moved away from Pittsburgh, and I was so very sad. I read my cookbooks like novels, planning our weekly meals over my morning coffee, or just dreaming about what I could do with ten more hours in the day, a sous chef, and a full-time dishwasher.

Before the Switch

But back here in reality land, where the books hadn’t found their perfect home, I started eying up the strange cupboards we have in the kitchen today. This space also drives me nuts. When we moved in there were two desks where the sideboard now sits, but the desks were on wheels, making them too high for my kids, not to mention that they took up too much space. Right now all the cabinets are pretty much extra space. Mostly they are collecting crap and are filled with junky odds and ends. Ugh. Eventually I would like to extend the counter top over this area with some base cabinets below, maybe install a floor to ceiling glass fronted bookshelf on the far left, but those are all pipe dreams at the moment. But I thought I might be able to get my best and favorite books out of the living room and into their proper home in the kitchen by removing the doors and getting rid of all the detritus that is easy to forget when the doors are closed. Please excuse the bad photoshop job… I actually removed the doors before I thought to take a picture and I didn’t want to rehang them for a forty second photo op.

After the Switch

Here is it after I got everything cleaned up, moved out, and rearranged. I’m mostly happy with it, although I’m pretty sure my husband’s not going to have much of anything positive to say. We shall see!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Switch

  1. Excellent!!! I really like it. But I know that this is only part of your extensive library of culinary information. I really really like it. Good job.

    • Hee hee… indeed. These are my “absolutely can’t live without” books… I put the rest of them in the pantry for now.

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