The Foyer :: A Desk

I guess I don’t know if I should call it a desk, as it’s not really a great place to sit down and write anything, but “The Place Where We Throw Things That We Need to Deal With Later” is just a touch too long.

The Desk

I guess we’d really like it to be the “Mail Sorting Station,” but in order for it to get that catchy title, it needed to be cleaned and organized.

I had a wall file that I needed to install,

Wall File

and a few little decorative vases that wanted to get out of the cubbies. They won’t remain empty for long…

Wall Vases

I also found this lovely little painting at our local junk, erm, resale shop that I’ve been dying to put up.


And I’ve been on the look out for some appropriate frame, but nothing has popped up yet, so I decided that one drawn out of chalk was an appropriate and fun little place holder.

Here’s the thing… I didn’t buy the painting because of this little seascape, as pretty as it is… check this out.

Reversible Painting

It’s reversible!

I took a quick vote, and the kids and I decided this was the side we were going to display for the next little while. I think it was four dollars well spent; it’s not every home that has a reversible painting!

Of course, the green chalk didn’t have enough contrast on that blue wall, so I decided to switch the color. Being a chalk frame, it was pretty easy to switch up!

Orange Frame

And here is our little mail sorting station, all cute and clean and hopeful and ready to organize our paper lives. That box on the floor is a better receptacle for paper recycling than the two bins we had before; it’s meant to be mounted to the wall, but I want to prime and paint it blue it before I do that.

All Together Now

It’s very matchy matchy right now, but I’ll be able to tone that down once the rest of the room is ready and I can move things around a bit. The orange chair isn’t staying… a shiny black one will replace it as soon as I have a reasonable day with no wind where I can finally get to all my painting.

There is something about this color combination that makes me so happy… kind of like that first beautiful Spring day after a cold Winter!



8 thoughts on “The Foyer :: A Desk

  1. I love what you have done with this space! I just recently bought a new home and am having so much fun with the decor. I will definitely “steal” your chalk frame idea….hope you don’t mind too much;-). Just discovered your blog and you are now in my favs!

    • Thanks so much Patricia, and thank you so much for your praise! Isn’t nesting your new house fun? Use that chalk frame as often as you’d like… maybe you could send me a picture so I can see how yours turned out!

  2. I love the area. But could we have an overall view now that it is all put together?? If that isn’t chalkboard paint, how do you get the chalk off? Doesn’t it leave a chalky residue??? Just curious!! I can’t wait to see the house. Who knew there was such a thing as a reversible painting?

  3. sorry about that, the last picture didn’t show up until now. It looks great!! still can’t wait to see your home.

    • Hee hee… cute Mom. When are you guys going to get high speed out to your house so you can actually see all the pictures at the same time 😉 I used pastels to draw the frame instead of sidewalk chalk, so it left a bit of residue, but it didn’t take too long to clean it off. I used soap and water (maybe a teeny bit of windex!) and a sponge that I have for the kids’ blackboard.

  4. If you didn’t tell me this was in your house, I would think I was looking through a Good Housekeeping magazine! You are amazing. wanna come do my place? Seems that shade of blue is very popular right now. We painted our living room something similar. Love the way you put colors together.

    • Wow Gwen! Good to see you back here! And thanks for the compliments! I absolutely love that blue… how do you like it in your living room?

      • Hi! I didn’t know you’d started blogging again until just recently. So glad! We are really happy with the blue too. We used two similar shades and put them upstairs in the bedrooms too. It’s so cheerful and relaxing at the same time.

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