A Few Aprons

This year, as part of a fabulous cooking-themed Christmas gift from a dear friend, the kids received a few aprons that have been in near constant rotation.

“Do you want to help me make supper?” I ask.

“Oooohhh! Let me go get my apron!” I hear in stereo—actually it’s more like surround sound—a chorus of three little voices, fading while they run out to the pantry to take their aprons off the hook. We have three identical aprons, which to me means you grab the one closet to you and call it done, but obviously I’ve been out of the early playground set for too long because it is never that simple. Someone always grabs the wrong one, whining ensues and arguments break out, and almost without fail I have to swoop in with some good old fashioned negotiating skills.

My mom calls them threats.

Regardless, it was obvious that we needed some way of ID’ing one apron from the other, so out came the old t-shirts to cut up, the fabric markers, a bit of ribbon, some orange thread, and my sewing machine. Of course, only two were made, since one particular little gal was being a titch uncooperative. I’m sure hers will be coming along shortly, but for now these two will do just fine.

Personalized Aprons

I should hope we might be able to tell the difference now!

An Apron of Patterns

One full of patterns and hearts, evidently the ubiquitous shape of little first grade girls everywhere.

Daddy And Me Apron

And this one? “It’s a picture of Daddy and me hanging out upside down and having fun underneath all those other people. And dots.” Can’t argue with that!

Time to Work It

I sewed them with a quick buzz through the machine, purposefully overlapping the stitches… nothing fancy or precise about it at all. I am still quite intimidated by my sewing machine, so I’m afraid I really have very little idea of what I’m doing on that front. It works though; the jersey is stuck to that denim and won’t move which is all I needed.

Hard At Work

The kids love them, I think they’re cute, and I’m truly hoping we can now avoid those little squabbles and get right into the more important work of making my kitchen messy!


2 thoughts on “A Few Aprons

    • Aww! Thanks Danielle! I’m so glad they still enjoy these little projects… it definitely keeps them distracted for a few minutes.

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