Sunday Seedlings

I think this early Spring weather has gone to my head. I may have developed a slight obsession.

Seedling Light Stand

This, my friends, is close to 450 seed pots. After I got my first two trays planted, I realized I was going to need a bit more space for the seeds waiting for their turn under the lamps. Since Dad’s light table worked so well, I thought maybe I’d purchase another of the same, or pick one up from my local gardening store. The problem was, once I sat down and calculated how much space I would actually need, it was clear that one more light wouldn’t quite cut it. So I started looking into multi-level light stands, and completely balked at the price. $650? Are they serious? There was no way I was going to pay that amount of money for a light stand. So me and my friend Google, we went to find another solution. I saw a few made of PVC pipe, and then a few made of wood, which really weren’t such bad alternatives. Then I saw a post by someone who hung shop lights with S rings and chain from chrome wire shelving. BINGO! I already had two of those in the basement, even though mine were only 36″, not 48″. I don’t mind, and I haven’t heard a peep from the plants. Maybe next year I’ll budget for two 48″ inch shelving units so there’s no extra overhang, but for now, I’m happy with my little hack.

The tomatoes are looking a little less “leggy” and are starting to fill out a little now that I’ve lowered the lights a few inches (evidently I had them set a bit too high-the lights are only supposed to be two to four inches above the starts). Amazing how little time it takes those stalks to thicken up.

Baby Maters

And I’ve already had to transplant some cukes and zucchini, with more waiting until I pick up some more soil tomorrow.

Transplanted Cukes

Everyone seems pretty peachy keen with the new set-up.

Seedling Babies

I better hurry up and get my beds built! With the record breaking heat wave about to hit us this week, I think a few hours outside sounds just about right.


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