Hot Hot Hot

I honestly thought I would be resentful of all this nice Spring weather we’re having. After all, winter is my favorite season and we really had none to speak of this year. None. At. All. So when the forecast called for temps in the 80’s, I have to admit I felt a little conflicted. Would I be able to appreciate it, or would I feel a little sulky and stay in the cool dark basement with my little baby plants?

I shouldn’t have worried. As soon as that sun hit (and boy oh boy, did it ever!) off came the jackets, socks, and shoes, and outside we went. I had beds to plant, and beds to raise, and little giggles to share when our third born asked how much longer it would take until we could sleep on the beds we were preparing. We also had little fevers and coughs and sniffles to tend, a trip to the doctor thrown in for good measure, and an on-the-go baby who would not be contained or distracted from her very important exploratory missions that somehow always ended up in the radish patch eating dirt. Yes, we spent much time outdoors, but I didn’t get done nearly what I had imagined that I might. Including those doggone raised beds.

I have a trench though, so there’s that.

The Trench

And we took the rest of our kumquats and made some lovely water to keep us nicely hydrated, which is what you need when you’re out in the hot hot sun, digging trenches.

Sunny Kumquats

Refreshing Water

Tomorrow’s goals include finishing the raised bed, and finishing the raised bed, and oh, well probably finishing the raised bed.

I’m hoping I can focus. We’ll see how that goes.


2 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot

    • Thanks Danielle! I’m almost sure I can do it, if I could just get myself out of this hazy allergy fog. Maybe more coffee…

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