Make Your Own

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sometimes struggle with what to make the kids for lunch and dinner. There is only so many times in the week I’m willing to let them eat mac and cheese or cereal, although there is one of ours who would be happy to eat Cheerios for every meal of the day if we would allow it. Sometimes when I get a little desperate, we do a “make your own” themed meal. Today’s lunch was “make your own sandwiches.”

Make Your Own Sandwich

We used these itty bitty toasts that you find in the cheese section of the store, although you could use crackers just as easily. I cut up some turkey and cheddar into little squares that fit just about right.

Mini Sandwiches

Thank goodness they were a hit! Not only do we love “make your own” but anything “mini” also gets its fair share of enthusiasm. The yogurt and apples were meant to be “side dishes,” but both kids decided to try a little of both on their sandwiches followed by positive reviews. Not quite my favorite flavor profile, but hey… to each their own!

Stacker Sandwich

In keeping with the theme, I tried to “make my own” raised bed, but I’m afraid I did not get very far.

All Level

It might not be finished, but it is progressing. Baby steps. Or maybe—so as to bring about more enthusiasm—mini steps.


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