Another Birthday

March is a busy month for us. We have a birthday as we enter it, and another to celebrate as we prepare to leave it. In like a lion, out like a lamb, yes? Or maybe it’s more appropriately in like a one year old, out like a five year old.

Of course we started the day with the much anticipated birthday shirt. A sister-designed robot shirt, for the little guy who wants to grow up to be a robot. “But you can’t be a robot, Mama, so I’ll just have to be a robot builder.”

Birthday Shirt

Once again, the shirt was started and finished in the eleventh hour. This time, however, I had to admit a tiny bit of defeat. After sewing the felt number five crookedly for the sixth time, I gave up and used some iron-on fusing to get the job done. I will sew it on later today, but for now, a bit of rest while we enjoy the company of family who came in to visit for the day.

Another Angle

I still love how excited the kids gets to make and give and wear these shirts. It’s amazing what a bit of fabric markers, an old tshirt scrap, some creativity, a few stitches, and a whole lot of love can magic up!

Of course all that new shirt enthusiasm prompted the little ones still at home to get out theirs as well…
The Three Year Old Shirt

Baby Shirt

If you’d like to take a look at some other shirts, there’s the tutorial here, and the three year old’s here, and another three year old here, and our very first one here. Although I didn’t blog about them, pictures of the six and four year old shirts can be found with the tutorial.

And the day wouldn’t be complete without the special birthday cake request, although this time it was for S’mores Whoopie Pies, erm, I mean Gobs, which really were pretty tasty, although not so pretty. How could you possibly go wrong with Marshmallow Fluff  and Nutella filling? I’m pretty certain we’ll be making these again quite soon.

S'mores Whoopies

It was a lovely little family party to celebrate this little five year old guy. Just a perfect day.

“How does it feel to be five?” we asked him.

“It feels like I’m almost six.”

Happy Birthday, my almost six year old, but please don’t grow up so fast.


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4 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. He told me that it was the best birthday of his life. Can you imagine what he has to look forward too. He will be sooooo amazed. Give him kisses from us please.

    • He is such a sweet kid. I hope he feels that way about every birthday he has. And kisses will be dispersed as requested tomorrow morning!

    • Thanks Jamie!! Actually, it was his six year old sister and his three year old sister that decorated the shirt for him… that way it’s a surprise for him to open up first thing on his special day! And yeah, as they get older, the shirt designs gets much more complicated 😉 We had to redo the first design because it was so elaborate it would’ve taken me a week to sew around!!

      Thanks so much for dropping by!

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