Sunday Follies

Today, after many years of promising myself I would, I finally overcame my rather intense intimidation of my sewing machine.

I wanted to make my kids some pants.

Pants Pattern

After finding a few tutorials like this from Dana at Made, or this one from Anneliese at Aesthetic Nest, and taking a few years , erHEM, to collect a few scraps of fabric, AND after our emergency Christmas Eve Sewing Machine purchase, I felt like it was time to get over the proverbial hump and get some pants made.

So I spent a bit of time drafting up a pattern, picking out a few fabrics, and by George, I jumped in and did some cutting.

Pocket Pattern

As you can see, I started making a pair of pants for the three-year old. Most of her clothes were handed down from her sister, so I figured even if they didn’t look so great, I could at least get some excitement out of it.

After a little bit, or maybe even after a few hours, I did it! I made a complete pair of pants! Look!


I can’t believe it! They don’t even have any holes or anything! I didn’t sew my finger, I only have two burns from the iron, the kids only had to watch one movie, (maybe a few Backyardigan episodes too) and I even made dinner!

Here’s a few things I’m excited that I managed to do ::

Cute pockets with a flat panel front!The Pocket

Contrast Topstiching!!Another Pocket Detail

The pants are fully lined and have a reversed cuff!!!Cute Cuffs

Elasticized back with TWO LITTLE BACK POCKETS!!!!
Back Pockets

Crazy, right?

You want to know the best part? When I called the three year old over to try them on, guess what she said..

“Mama, why do they get stuck here?” And by here, she specifically meant her knees. Yes, you read that correctly, her knees.

blink. blink blink.

Cute as can be, but won’t fit a 3T. Good thing my sense of humor remained intact. It was, after all, my first time drafting a pattern. Some things were bound to go wrong. So what if they don’t fit the three year old… I can roll the cuff up a bit further and throw them on the one year old who could always use another pair of pants to mash bananas into. But before she’d get the chance to smoosh anything on the new mama-mades, pictures needed to be taken. So with the light fading, I threw her into a cute onesie, a nice sweater, and went to pull up the pants… which got no further than her little booty.

Would. Not. Budge. Does not fit. There isn’t a person in the house who can wear these pants. that I spent All. Day. Sewing. April Fool’s Day joke on Mama.

They look cute up on the wall though. Think that’s where they’ll stay for a while.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Follies

  1. They are really cute. You did a great job. I think that possibly that making the reversible took up too much room and that is whey they didn’t fit. You’ll do it. I know you will

    • Sigh… you would think that someone who could take all the time to knit a sweater would be excited by how fast you can make clothing with a sewing machine… but somehow the knitting is so much less scary! Good thing is, I have a pair of pants that work now, so I guess I am figuring it out! 😉

    • Heh… Yeah, it took me at least three years to work up the confidence to try this, so I might not be the best person to give you a little push. 😉 We’ll see how the nest attempt goes!

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