A Brief Craft Break

Have I shown you the favorite part of our home? The area that made our jaw drop when we walked through the first time? It’s our wall of cubbies…The Cubbies

Seriously, this thing rocks! We have four kids, and even if they only had two pair of shoes a piece, that’s way more shoes than we had a place to store them in our last home without a coat closet. Crazy. We have one cubby for each kid (one for their shoes on the bottom, and one for coats and sweaters above), one cubby for beach towels (although the husband claimed that since he was my fifth child he should get one too!), and all the top ones above are pretty much empty. OK, fine… empty-“ish”.

Anyway, the kids have somehow developed a proclivity for seasonal decorations. I’m not quite sure where they got that, although I suspect it’s from my Mom. We’ve moved too many times in the past five years to have anything other than Christmas decorations, and before we had kids, no one really cared if we didn’t decorate for things like St. Patrick’s Day. My oh my how times have changed.

The thing is, well, I have four kids, and I don’t always have the time or resources to go crazy with all the decorating, but I want to support the enthusiasm. So we’ve decided that we would try to make a decoration for their cubbies, one per month. We did pretty well until February and March, but I’m trying to get back on track.

I found some pretty cool rick rack and fancy paper border stickers at Michael’s and thought they would be perfect to “decorate” a largish egg for Easter that we could stick on the cubby doors. I had some oval wooden craft frames at home I thought would work well for this, but they were quite a bit too small. Then I thought I’d cut four eggs out of cardboard and wrap them in some bright, Spring-like wrapping paper, but I never quite got around to that. However, these platters that I found in the little dollar section of Target looked like they’d be perfect! Yippee! I’m not sure that I would use them for anything else… they stink terribly, and I think the plate even says “not for use with food” although maybe it was “not dishwasher or microwave safe” which I might add, means they will never be used for food in my house. Plates that can’t go in the dishwasher? You’re crazy!

Cubby Plates

I took the platters home and got them prepped to put up on the walls. I love the little velcro Command Strips for projects like this, which is what I used on my mini photo frame wall. Because these platters had a ridge, I had to use a poster strip underneath the velcro tab so that the velcro could “snap” together, unimpeded by the ridge. The poster tab gave the velcro tab just the right amount of clearance. I placed one on top and two below for extra stability when swinging the doors open.

Command Strips

After tea, I plopped the kids down for a quick fifteen minute sticker project, and voila! A few minutes of relative calm so I could get the baby wiped down and almost ready for bed (after a few pictures, natch!) as well as some holiday inspired decor.

The Sticker Strips

The Teal Egg

I’m not sure how well the paper borders are going to stick. We had to burnish them pretty hard with the back of a spoon to get them to adhere at all, so fingers crossed they’re still stuck there in the morning. The felt rick rack strips were perfectly sticky.

All Four Eggs

Not too bad for a ten minute project! I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to take the stickers off and reuse the platters for next years decorations as well. I think I’l put them into one of the empty-ish cubbies above so I can find them! Eggs-celent!


2 thoughts on “A Brief Craft Break

    • Thanks Janet!! The kids really loved them, but now it’s time to take them down and get the new ones up. If I don’t get them down now, I’m sure it will be Halloween before I think of it again!

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