On the Agenda

“Well,” said my beloved step-father as I walked him around the house, “You have more irons in the fire than most.”

Yes, indeed.


Easter was wonderful, quite full yet somehow relaxing. We had family in town, which was such a gift although the time we spent together was much too short.

What little time we had was spent doing and making and talking and laughing. Our kids are such natural comedians at times ::

“Look Mama, Look! The Easter Bunny brought us our favoritest!”
“Oh! How fun! What is it?” I ask as she shows me the little jar of play dough.
“I dunno,” she shrugs as she walks away.


This week I have many projects to tie up in a bow, document, and write up. There’s a sign my mom made which needs to be hung; a little boy’s room that needs some attention; a playroom in desperate need of a thorough Spring cleaning; a website to build; a science fair to plan (an entire science fair! I’ve never even attended one before!); a hutch to finish; another bed or two or three to build; plants to harden off; seedlings to sow (yes, more, crazy I know!); clothes to organize, size up, and put away; children to tend; floors to scrub; laundry to wash and fold and put away… you know, the usual.


Unfortunately, I’ll also need to do some more cooking, as we’re sadly out of leftovers. We made some good old fashioned Polish food in time for Easter; kielbasa, ham, pierogie. This time all of my kids ate it—something new—which means less for me and the husband later in the week. Really, not such a terrible problem to have.


And my parents helped me fill the bed with the freshly delivered compost. We had exactly enough, not a bit more or less. Amazing.

Light Stand

It’s good that the bed is now ready to plant because I am totally out of space.

No, I haven’t been thinking about a greenhouse… well, not seriously, just daydreaming.

I definitely have a problem.

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