Door Decor

Last night I sat down to write my post, but after downloading and editing my images, I decided I wasn’t happy with what I made after all. So I didn’t post. Today I decided that I was going to post it anyway, since not every idea I have is a winner, and if I don’t like what I make, I’ll just call it a work in progress until I figure out how to make it work. We’ll consider this the first installment of a new series Door Decor.


A few days ago, I bought some beautiful pussywillow from a local family run nursery while I was out hunting for berry canes…


…and I found two of these little buckets on clearance at another nursery.

So I slapped some paint on the buckets, threw everything together with a teeny tiny birdhouse and a pinwheel I had lying around, and put up both of ’em up on our fronts doors.

All Together

Meh… I’m underwhelmed. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to fix them, but I have a few ideas. We’ll see which one works out tomorrow, or maybe the day after. I’ve been running around like crazy getting things off the list and maybe, possibly, putting on a few more.

Welcome to the weekend! Are you doing anything exciting?


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