Another Project

A few weeks ago I found four wooden chargers in our local consignment store, just waiting for a good home. Far be it from me to leave them waiting, all alone, covered in dust, under a table.

Original Finish

I had a plan.

Three Coats

Took me a while to get to it, but stage one is now complete! Three coats of Rub n’ Buff, first applied in Antique Gold, then in Silver, then hit again very lightly with a bit of the gold. Those three coats took me less than twenty minutes to complete for all four chargers. When I think of how long it would’ve taken me to spray paint them, with all that cut work, and all those light, steady coats! Oy! So happy I used the wax!

A Detail

I love how it left some of the dark in the crevices, making it looked antiqued with an aged patina with really no effort on my part. I think it’s going to work well for the next part of the project, to be completed tomorrow! Can’t wait to show you!


3 thoughts on “Another Project

    • Woo-hoo!! Thanks Danielle! Always nice to see your comments!

      Rub n’ Buff is a little tube of metallic wax that you can get at Michael’s etc. One oz. is about 4-5 bucks, and halleluia is it stinky! I’m going to call Nancy and have her send me some copper wax today so I can use it on the hutch. Then I’ll be able to compare both products.

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