Another Project :: Stage Two

Onto stage two!

Last year, with two of the kids and a cousin visiting from overseas, we took a trip to California. It was right before we closed on the house, and after more than two years of renting, I couldn’t wait to get into it and make it our own. And then I came across this paper. Seafoam green and fire engine red, the very colors I wanted in my dining room.

The paper has been patiently waiting for its debut while I tried to figure out what to do with it. Once I saw those chargers I knew exactly how they and my lovely patient paper were going to come together.

To get it all done, I first needed to adhere the paper to the platter after I got it all shiny and silvery gold. A thin layer of mod podge was how I rolled with this one.

Add Color

I dry brushed a bit of the silver wax and buffed it to take of the excess.

Then Silver

Just enough to make it, you know, shiny.

Silver Detail

Then I added a letter (with some instant gratification, I mean, hot glue)…

Gimme a D

and another…

D then an I

and two more, and then I hung them all up.DINE

Simple enough instruction right?

Dine Dine Dine

Now that we have a few readers in the house, I’m hoping they’ll use this as a gentle reminder of what we do in this room…

All Together Now

…and if what we do in this room is DINE hopefully it will lead to less toys left here and more kept in the playroom.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?




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9 thoughts on “Another Project :: Stage Two

    • Hee hee… snuck that one past you didn’t I? You know the funny thing? I found four of these chargers several weeks ago for a song, and last week when I snuck in again I found four more! Now I’ve gotta figure out what to do with the next four!

  1. I WANT YOUR CABINET. That is seriously everything I could ever want in a china cabinet. Also, I’ll take those windows while I’m at it. Are you an interior decorator? Are these photos from a Martha Stewart magazine? Gorgeous!

    • Aww geez Gwen! Such a nice comment you left! And I’ll tell you what, you can come visit your windows and cabinet anytime yo’d like. I gotta say though, the best thing about the windows is the view, and that will be quite hard to pack up and take back with you!

    • Aww… thanks Janet. Yeah, I keep makin’ stuff so I definitely keep adding more posts! Yippee for me… too bad so sad for house cleaning!

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