Making It Yours

Slowly, but surely, I’ve been making progress on my son’s room. The girls are getting itchy for me to start on theirs, but I need to get his room a bit more situated before I start on another.

For instance, maybe I could find a chair for his desk?

No Chair Here

I mean Geez Louise! Poor kid! He was upstairs using this little foot stool as a kneeler for two days before I noticed what he was doing. So I went and grabbed him a chair from the little desk up in the library to hold him over while I explained that we’ll find him something nicer when I refinish his desk.

Current State

It’s a great desk that just needs a little love and attention. I’d like to remove the little scrolly-peice of wood above where the chair would be and I want to paint it red with some sort of nice wax finish, maybe something a bit metallic. I need to play around and see what I get before I decide, but I have a few ideas I’d like to try (of course, not before the hutch is finished!). Overall, though, the little guy was pretty excited to hear that this is the next piece I’m planning to work on, or “decorate” in his words. Well, if he manages to keep his room tidy… part of the deal 😉 I have to admit, his excitement at getting a new red desk has really helped focus his energies on keeping the room pretty acceptable.

Hard At Work

So imagine my surprise when I walked in today and saw this spread out all over the desktop. Not quite what I meant by “tidy”…

Well, until I saw this!

All Decorated

LOOK MA! It’s all decorated!!

Every Little Piece

That kid went to TOWN!


He made it his own.


You go little dude! Use all the tape and paper we have. I don’t mind one little bit.

The urge to make it your own is something that seems to run all through this family. Not to be out done, his little sister also decided to do some personalization today by decorating her pants…

Not To Be Outdone

with scissors…


Next up… how to make it your own with a needle and thread!


10 thoughts on “Making It Yours

  1. priceless – all priceless. you have made your children SO comfortable with all the love and freedom and creativity you shower on them. i’m so glad you and your family let me share a little glimpse into your wonderful lives.

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