A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal… slowly. I’ve managed to get a few things off of my to do list and I’ll count my lucky stars that my mom is here which has made all the difference in my ability to add a precious check here and there.

Over two weeks ago now I gently dug into the great big mess that is the kids’ playroom. Normally, when the room gets to that level of disarray, it’s time to go in with a few bags and boxes to clear things out to donate or pitch. I haven’t gotten there this year, but I did complete a little project to help organize the endless number of crayons that seem to be lying around.

Painted with Color

A few months ago I found a number of these small, galvanized buckets (I happen to have a thing for galvanized) on clearance at Ikea that I thought would be just the size to store the crayons. I thought I could spray paint the interiors to help the kids add some order to all their crayon chaos. So I did!

Close Up

I thought I would need to buy quite a few cans to get all the colors of the spectrum plus white, black, and brown, but surprisingly—or maybe not so much if you’ve seen my collection—I had every color I needed except for yellow. Well then!!

All Organized

So it’s been a little over two weeks now, and I have to admit, the crayon corral is working quite effectively. I’m sure it has nothing to do with how many movies we’ve had to watch since someone bumped her head. When we bought the dining set two or so years ago, it came with a lazy susan, which has really come in handy for storing art supplies on the table top. Maybe between the two, we can really keep things tidy.

Soon, I’ll need to get into the rest of the room and give it a good and thorough spring cleaning, but that can wait for another rainy day. Right?


2 thoughts on “A Quick Pick-Me-Up

    • Thanks Special Lady Friend!! Yeah, it really was a quick and dirty project. So nice to have something to show from the “in progress” pile.

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