Today at Brimfield

We spent a rainy day looking, watching, bargaining, buying, schlepping, sloshing all around the hugest flea market I could have ever imagined. The textures and colors, the lovingly arranged displays, the incidental compositions… all of it was absolutely inspiring. If you ever get a chance to attend one of the three yearly shows, run there, don’t walk.






Printing Blocks


Glass Floats

Garden Goods

Rocking Horse







Buoy String




Giant Yarn






I would go back tomorrow, if it were at all possible.


8 thoughts on “Today at Brimfield

  1. Wow! That place looks incredibly dangerous for people who have poor impulse control and project thoughts bigger than their skills…

    You know, people like me! You, on the other hand, I bow to your skills! (Or I would if I wouldn’t fall down!)

    • OMG! Seriously… twenty one fields, and we saw a smaller one in its entirety and a few booths for two other fields and then we had to go home because the weather was crap and the dealers were closing up. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Next time Mom and I are going for a few days. If you don’t have anything to do in September, you should come and join us!

    • Wasn’t it mind-boggling? We only made it through one of the smaller fields and then we walked along the road for the length of it. Holy Cow!! Even though everyone said it was overwhelming, I still couldn’t help but to be blown away. We’re going back in September and saying for a night or two… and of course, taking a truck this time. I’m going to get two desks for our third floor and a few industrial pieces for the computer equipment. Oh!! I’m so excited!

    • Kerrie it is soooooo awesome!! You’ve gotta come up and go to one with me. And luckily, you don’t have to bring it ALL back with you! 😉

  2. Wow! What an amazing feast for the eyes. I was at a flea market here on Friday and one guy there said a bunch of the vendors were heading to Brimfield (I think). Now I can see why!

    • Sigh… it was quite a thing to see, fer sher! It’s really incredibly hard to describe how large it really is. I told Erik I only saw 1/8 of it, but really, we saw probably about 1/20 of it. There were 21 fields and we only saw one and a few booths from another two or so.

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