Decorating with Humor


I found a few things a few weeks ago. They’re, um, quite bright, yes? But they were kind of cute and I thought with a little bit of good old fashioned spray paint and a few plants they could fit in on the shelves in the living room.

Right Shelf\

So this is how the right shelf looks as of today…

Left Shelf

… and here’s the left shelf. What do you think?

I’m up to four shelves done now… I’ll take this as good progress. The terrarium thing has worked out pretty well, although I’ve had to replace a plant or two here and there. Sticking with plants that do well in indirect light has been key. And it only took me a few weeks to figure it out! Look, even more progress!

The Swan

I think the swan is looking a little bit more classy in her coat of white (please don’t look too closely or you’ll see all the spots I missed that glow just a touch blue!)

Swan Deet

And how about these little vases?

Lovely Ladies

Brainless Beauty

I’m trying not to think about them as brainless beauties, but rather as lovely ladies with awesome hats. But the bad seed has been planted I’m afraid.

Air Plants

These three little plants—two in the vases and one as the lovely lady’s hat—are all the air plants from Brimfield. One is already blooming, and the two pictured here are getting ready to flower in the next few weeks.


I used to have a pair of these peacocks, but the baby managed to get a hold of one of them and then smash it to smithereens within the two seconds we had her eyes off of her. I may or may not have held on to the pieces for a few weeks thinking that maybe somehow it would magically be glued together again when I came down for my morning coffee.


I really hope these plants do well. This curly spiral leafed Begonia is something else!

But I have to admit my favorite part is this…

Gnomey Gnomey



Yeah, definitely my favorite.

Terrariums are popping up everywhere these days, and I’ve enjoyed figuring out how to pull in a few more on the shelves. The thing is, there are only so many glass jars and vases that I felt I could fit in, so finding these goofy little containers seemed like a fun way to fill more space and add more plants.


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14 thoughts on “Decorating with Humor

    • Hee hee. Thanks Janet! I hope I can figure out what to do with the rest of the shelves soon. I think I may be running out of ideas in my bag of tricks.

    • Thanks so much Allison! You know, I have no idea what this little plant is! I need to look it up or call the nursery and ask them!

      • Karla! Thank you so much for the name. I wonder why they don’t keep the plants labeled better at our nursery?

    • Oh Jody!! THNKA YOU for hosting the party AND for stopping by and leaving a comment!! I have to say I’m a new fan of your site, which I only just discovered last week!! Your aesthetic is beautiful and I’m loving your garden!! I’ve been enjoying reading your older post and “getting to know you” through your blog!!

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