On Sunday, for Mother’s Day, we spent the majority of the day pottering around in the yard. And while we did, look what we found!

Found Object

A chrysalis of some variety hanging out in the ground directly below our new blueberry bushes. I do believe it is a moth—Sorry Janet!—but no worries for us here. We are all still amazed at what we found and what it may become, especially the older two kids. Nature never seems to disappoint.


Our newly found friend needed a habitat, of course, so out they all went to find the choicest bits to make her or him comfortable.


I have to admit that as far as temporary shelters go, I wouldn’t mind the accommodations in which our new guest has been happily (we hope) ensconced.

The Wonder of it All

And now, as with so many other things in our lives, we wait and see what happens.


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