Necessity, Inventions, and Revisions

Revise Medicine Bottle LabelGuess what? We now have four kiddos (and a mama) down with fevers. We revised our little medicine bottle label craft.

One kid is old enough for chewable tablets, so she doesn’t get her own set of bottles… everyone else does. I’m still using the chalkboard labels, but I added names, dosage info, hours between doses and the name of the medication with color coded permanent paint markers. The time of the last dosage is marked extra large with chalk. It isn’t perfect, but it’s working for now.



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3 thoughts on “Necessity, Inventions, and Revisions

  1. Chris, in his inimitable way, suggested that you could also tag the kids somehow. He suggested glue *sigh*, but perhaps some kind of bracelet for everyone but the youngest? I think individual bottles for each kids is the way to go for most of this, though. After all, a lot of the stuff is done by age and weight, so it’s going to be different doses for each kid anyway! Each kid could decorate a storage container for “their” supplies.

    I grew up being close with a set of triplets and their mother had a giant chart that covered EVERYTHING that could possibly be going on in their lives. She was hyper-organized, but I certainly don’t recall her being crafty.

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