A Lovely Little Knit

Orsolya Debut

A few weeks ago, I cast on a test knit for my talented friend, Cosy, for her latest design, Orsolya.

Orsolya Front Pose

To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement.

Orsolya Back View

Not only did I finish this with lightening speed (after all, it’s knit with worsted weight)…

Front Detail With Cheeks

…I’ve already cast on for a second which is half way done, and I have a third going on directly after I’m done binding off. I’ve had some yarn sitting in the stash for at least five years waiting for the perfect project and this is it!

Orsolya Shoulder Detail

This dress is such a fabulous little knit; I can not begin to tell you how sweet it is.

Orsolya Top Down

The bit of eyelet trim, the teeny pockets…

Orsolya Eyelet and Pocket Left

The top down construction with no seaming.

Orsolya When Seated

It’s a great length for toddling around, although I believe Cosy also includes a shorter tunic length if you’d rather that.

Orsolya Eyelet and Pocket Right

For this knit I worked up the 18m size using some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, which sadly has been discontinued. It blocked out with an ever-so-slight halo (love!), and the stitches “fulled out” a bit, causing my gauge to go a little wide. That’s OK, she’ll get plenty of use out of this. This year as a dress… next year as a top.

Orsolya In Action

Oh I can’t wait for Cosy to get this one published for you to try out! Make sure to check out her Ravelry shop or her book for a bunch of her other designs.

12 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Knit

    • Thank you for the props!! Don’t little baby dresses knit up fast? I’m on the last three rows of my second and will probably cast on for my third later tonight!

    • Thanks so much Charlotte! I’m about 25% done with my third, so I can guarantee how much fun it is to knit 😉 I’m not exactly sure when the pattern will be available, but I think it will be soon. You can go to cosymakes.com and send Cosy a message and she can probably give you a better idea!

      Thank so much for stopping by and leaving a little love!

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