An Unimpressed Visitor

A few days ago, we had a surprise visitor sitting in the back yard, making himself quite at home and helping himself to dinner.

Preying Mantis Dinner

Mantis Is Unimpressed

With my friendly attempts at conversation, Preying Mantis Is Unimpressed.


12 thoughts on “An Unimpressed Visitor

    • It’s amazing how well they get around, isn’t it? Once I was walking to my class on campus and when I went to adjust my shoulder bag, I saw a huge one had decided to hitchhike on my strap. It was a bit startling to be honest, but she seemed to like the nice spot I picked for her on one of the trees… found her there eating lunch a few hours later when I went home!

      • Woot woot!! That’s so very awesome! This will be fun… I was hoping to get to it tonight, but the doggone kids made everyone sick and now I’m actually buried under a huge pile of laundry. Good thing the wireless signal gets through cotton!

    • Oh he was certainly unhappy that I was interrupting his meal! He stayed like that for about seven minutes or so, before he finally decided to return to munching on one of my honey bees… poor honey bee!

  1. I had a resident Preying Mantis in my apartment the other week. I found him clinging to my hedge shears one day after I had trimmed the edges. I was able to transport him to the very edge I had trimmed and left him there. He stayed on the shears for quite some time, just watching. Then, the next day I opened my front door to find Mr. Harry P. Mantis on the INSIDE of my screen door! I guess he wanted to stay close to me. After that day, I haven’t seen him since. I miss the conversations Harry and I had. Maybe one day, he will return and introduce me to Mrs. Mantis.
    Thanks for the great pictures.

    Ali Smith

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