Fiery and Frivolous

A few days ago I wrote a small blurb about my Fall craving for Gabrielle of Design Mom. It involves lipstick. If you’re here because of that post, welcome! Glad you stopped by and hope you’ll stick around a bit to see what happens next.

I should be up front about a few things, before I get started. I really did crave red lipstick. I did buy a tube. And I have been wearing it almost constantly since that weekend purchase. But the truth is, I am not a pro at this and I own very little make-up… very little. As a matter of fact, almost all of my make up fits into one 8oz glass that I use to store it.

My Make-Up Cup

That would be, one Lorac liquid eyeliner, one Stila (?) brow filler, one Urban Decay eyeshadow, one Maybelline mascara, one tube of MAC lipstick, and one extra cartridge of Lancome eye shadows. There are two more tubes of lipstick somewhere in the bathroom, or maybe my purse, or possibly my make-up bag that I use to store useful travel items like, deodorant, hair elastics for the kids, an ear thermometer for the kids, barrettes for the kids, children’s tylenol… you get the picture.

Here’s the other thing I should tell you. I despise having my picture taken. Detest it. Leaves-me-foaming-at-the-mouth type of wrath. But… but… But I’m trying to be better about it because I have kids, and I’m sad when I look back at all the pictures and find none of the kids and me together. Sure, there are tons with Daddy, and Grammy, and Nanna, and Oma, and Opa, Pappy, and PopPop… even a bunch with the Aunt and Uncles. But only a handful of myself. And how should I explain this to my kids when they get older? That I wasn’t comfortable having my picture taken because I was self-conscious? That I was afraid of living up or comparing myself to an unobtainable standard of beauty? That being myself wasn’t enough? If I want my kids to live a life free from unworthy anxiety and expectations, shouldn’t I lead by example?

This is a brief explanation as to why you’re going to see a whole lot of images of me below. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely to happen again anytime soon. But I’m practicing and trying to be resolute about living a life free from unworthy anxiety.

So back to that tube of lipstick…

Russian Red Lipstick by MAC

It’s fiery. And frivolous. And just the ticket to get break up those humdrum days of yoga pants and school routines. I’m particular about my reds. They have to be fire engine-y red, not pink or magenta. I need an orange or brown base because of my olive complection. And I do not like sticky lipstick, as anyone who lived in a windy place with long hair would understand. This tube is worth every penny I paid, and even though I know the hubby will wince to know this, I would gladly have paid twice as much. It’s the right shade, it’s beautifully saturated, it’s light as air on my lips, and man alive! Does it wear well. I apply it once in the morning, once after lunch, and then maybe one more time during the day. That’s amazing!

Plain Jane Mug

The Early Morning Mom Stare

And it let’s me go from this (pre-morning-coffee-how-the-hell-do-I-take-self-portraits-in-the-mirror-shot… please be kind!)…

To this…

Pucker Up

and with a touch of eyeliner and a smidge of brow filler…

My Serious Face

I start to look like I mean business!

Then I do this…

Red Lipstick Slapstick

I Am Surprised Here

Kewl Kid Hair Twirl

… so everyone knows not to take me too seriously.

And just in case you think I walk around looking all glamourous all the time with my fancy red lipstick and my pinky in the air, I bring you me. Holding a squash. A very, very long squash.

Lipstick and Squash

It was difficult to wash in the sink without making a mess or feeling a bit, erm, dirty. And I don’t mean in the soil kind of way.

Russian Red lipstick by MAC. Just the kick in the yoga pants you need to feel less blah and more glam, even when holding a ridiculous (but fabulously yummy) squash.


12 thoughts on “Fiery and Frivolous

  1. VaVaVaVoom!! Of course I say that with a little prejudice. I’m making a list of all the things I want to do when I come up again. One is to learn how to apply make-up. I have one of your lipsticks from M&S’s wedding. It stays a long time. Not sure if the color is suited for me. You can let me know. That is one of the things on my list. Is it tomorrow yet–I want another blog. I enjoy my mornings with you and my iced coffee. The hubby surprised me with a lb of Pumpkin spice coffee for my next go around.

    • OK… all sounds good to me! But you’re not going to learn how to apply make-up from me… I have very little idea of what I’m doing. I have one make-up look, that’s it. Of course, we could go surf the cosmetic counters at Nordstrom next time you’re up… I’m sure someone there has some practice.

  2. This made me smile!!! You look gorgeous! All you need to match is the Danger Dame Bombshell Dress (yes I bought the damn thing). Red lipstick does wonders and I have simple make up too – eyeliner, mascara and powder.

    • Holy Hotness Batman!! That would also require a brand new pair of shoes… maybe a nice peeptoe heel… which would also mean new nail polish. I think I like this plan!

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