I’ve Been Painting

Painting Pretty

But it hasn’t been going well.

Play Well Together

I don’t often get my color choices wrong, but when I do, ugh, it takes a while to figure out and fix. There was too much yellow in that first green. Off to the store to try a few more, but this time in sample size instead of a gallon.

I had some pictures of how it looked on the wall, all those ugly big green splotches, and it all made me sad. I like to paint, I seem to be addicted to color, and I don’t like it when the colors aren’t working. But when I started to crop them down to see if I coud get better color correction and work out some white balance issues, they started looking a little bit like pieces of abstract art.

Third Try Frame

I like these much better.

First Third Try

Too bad they’ll all be gone soon.

Abstract 1

Or maybe, not so bad.

Abstract 3

I feel like some sort of project might be in line with these images… we’ll have to see.

Abstract 4

Yes, in fact, this is yet another disaster.


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