Autumn Door Decor and Porch Presentations

I’ll admit it. My enthusiasm for Fall, my favorite season, came much later than it normally would. The summer sped by so very fast that it left me spinning, completely unsure of where I was or how I got there. But all it took was a few days of that rolling coastal Autumn mist, and I was all caught up in the romance and the comfort and coziness it brought to every corner of our home. I mean, what else could transform the lowly spiderweb into a such a stunning lace shawl dripping with jewels?

Spiderweb Jewelry

Now that the frost is just beginning to set around the edges of the property in the early mornings and those glorious drizzly and dreary days have settled into a more permanent pattern in the forecast, I’m full-out in love with Fall again. So I set out to welcome the shift in season with open arms and rubber boots and a properly decked-out porch. (Is it weird to say decked-out about a porch? Should I say porched-out?)


Gourds and Mums

The Front Porch

Door Basket

A Fake FIne Feathered Friend

Bring on the cider, carmel apples, wooly socks and sweaters. The porch, the door, and myself… we’re ready!


7 thoughts on “Autumn Door Decor and Porch Presentations

  1. Ahhhhhh, fall. My favorite season also. Finished my fall garland, thank you Danielle for your pattern. Just finished mowing grass, with fallen leaves. the smell is awesome. Your porched out porch looks gorgeous.

  2. I swear we are the same person. I just read your line about summer to Fall and here it is Fall and I have NO decor on my porch and bloggers have been sharing their crafts since Sept. I am already being nagged by my daughter to put up the Halloween bats we made. I am probably going to skip scarecrow land and go straight to black venom and monsters. I say you copyright Porched Out. And PS – I never want to see a photo of your entire house. It’s already my dream house and I just just seen the half front. I will die.

    • Laws-a-MERCY! My kids have gotten their grubby paws on the Martha Stewart Halloween rag and the whiny wishes have not let up. I think I might just buy them some black paint, a few brushes, pop open a pumpkin beer, and let them have at it. Paper, windows, chairs, couches, dogs… nothing’s off limits. And to be clear, I plan on opening the beer at our local pub while the hubster deals with the FALL-OUT. I kill… I kill!

      P.P.S. Yeah, “dream house” as in “Nightmare on Elm Street.” I have four kids… do you know how much laundry that makes? I haven’t actually seen the house in approximately 52 weeks, right around the time when we moved in and started using the washer. It’s been buried under kids’ clothes. 😉

      • I adore you. I could have written that only I have 2 rugrats and laundry from 2 weekends ago is still on my hallway floor. Do you know I used to live on a street called Elm? I effing loved that part! Your kids are like mine though. My daughter opened up the Halloween Country Living magazine on display while out grocery shopping and she was like ooooh can we make the bats? I am like bats? Oh the ones for all over the front of the house that’s pinned on Pinterest 1000000x. Yeah…they’re already cut out in a box waiting for my sorry ass to get them up there. Somehow Sept seemed a bit too early to start with the chains and black pumpkins.

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