Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Remember this particular sewing disaster in the not-so-distant past? Well, I’m trying to move beyond it.  So, here goes… I’m going to join the blogging mini-revolution and hop on Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge wagon. And I’ve invited one more lovely blogging lady to join in on the fun. Alex of the newly redesigned and uberly fabulous North Story blog has agreed to come along for the seven day sew-for-one-hour-a-day challenge. She’s as scared as I am (her sewing machine is still in the box) so we should have a great week of at least one or two disastrous, err, I mean entertaining stories. Alex, no backing out now… I’ve publicly called you out, so you hafta do it! Anyone else want to come along for the ride?

All you need to do is click on the above link and leave a comment on Elsie’s post saying you’re in (although, really, if you don’t want to do that, no one’s going to knock you) and commit to sewing for one hour per day. One hour per day. I can do that! You know why I know that I can do that? Because I know it only take 30 seconds to sew a seam with too tight a gauge that will need at least one hour to remove all the stitches. You wanna know how I know that? Because I finally finished a pair of pants for one of the young-ins. Looky here ::

Holy Pants Batman

Pants! I made PANTS! Pants that fit!! I can’t believe I did it!! And it only took me a week… seven days of sewing for at least one hour a day. At least. Turns out the sewing is the least difficult and the least time-consuming part of sewing. It takes a while to read or draft a pattern, pick the fabric, wash it, iron it, then do crazy things like draw on it with a marker, stick pins in it, and cut it. Also, it could take longer to cut it than you originally thought because you cut four of the same pattern side, hypothetically of course, instead of two each of the two sides (front and back, in case you were wondering). And then after all the correct pieces were cut, you might sew the first seam together and realize that you should really try to align the pattern, which causes you to cut yet another pair of front and backs, after one hour of trying to align and pin the pattern as precisely as possible. Also, once it’s cut and sewn, you might realize you sewed the wrong pieces together, take an hour to remove all the stitches, and sew the exact same incorrect seam again. I could go on, well, if I remembered how many steps I completely botched, but really, you get the picture. So here’s another ::

The Back of the PANTS

And another ::

Another Back of the PANTS

I made pants!! And they’re even lined!

The Pants Are LINED

So here’s a few things I’m realizing about this challenge ::
• One hour a day can equal less than one seam
• It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve cut all the threads everywhere, when you go to take photos, you’ll find a few more
• Sewing takes very little time; the prep is where the money’s at
• Little kids love it when you make them things. They’ll even wear it multiple times before it gets to the wash by grabbing it out of the dirty laundry basket
• All that stuff you do wrong, all the time you spend looking at fabric, turning the iron off and on, heck looking for the iron, that all counts toward your one hour per day
• Sewing is much more forgiving that knitting; it take less time to notice and correct your mistake, even if you’re a complete and total noob and have no idea what you’re doing
• Sewing is way easier than baking
• Putting the box out in the sunlight and staring at it for 59 minutes counts! (Hi Alex!)
• It doesn’t matter if you have man-thumbs… no one will see it when they’re looking at your fabulous pants

So… or should it be… Sew… Why don’t you join in on the fun? I mean, what’s the worst that could possibly happen?

Oh, I should also note that I made these pants from this tutorial on the lovely Made by Dana. You’ll notice the fabric is exactly the same. It wasn’t intentional, but those pants must’ve made quite an impression, because one year after looking up that tutorial, that’s the fabric I came home with. Whaddaya gonna do? Give the lady her props, of course! She’s fab, I love her style, and I’m going with the adage imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Pants. Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Fun time. LET’S DO THIS!

14 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Challenge

    • Oh WOW!! I can’t believe you checked them out! Seriously, it took me so many hours to make them, but I wouldn’t have ever attempted it at all without your tutorial!! How gracious of you to take the time to comment! So honored!!

  1. Is that why clothes are so expensive in stores?? Who knew. I think they look great!! Do make another pair like you did for the third born, that didn’t fit even the littlest one. They were adorable, and now that you know what you did wrong, it should be a snap to put together. Surely, you didn’t give up on knitting did you??? My slippers are still waiting.

    • Yeah, someone else is definitely getting pants… not sure who yet. Maybe everybody. Maybe PJs! Every single kid always needs PJ’s, especially if they get to do something fun with the tops. Hmmm… that sounds like it could work.

      And your slippers are waiting for you to learn how to knit! I’m taking the next year and only knitting things for myself… 😉 (So says every knitter, unrealistically, at one time or another)

  2. The first words that went through my head were something like “_____ me!” when I read this followed by a complete laughing fit that scared my 2 year old.

    Ok Ok OK!!! I am going to go take some photos of me taking out the sewing machine. You won’t believe where I bought it either.
    If I learn how to thread it, does that count as sewing? Or do I have to make sure that the pillowcases that I try my first time sewing a seam on ever survive without me throwing the whole machine in the garbage? I’m kidding. Well maybe not. There must be something easy I sew. A skirt? I made a tutu by hand surely I can make a kids skirt.

    You MADE PANTS!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Incredible. I just had my mother sew in the lining of the cape of my daughter’s Halloween costume for the love of all that is good. My mother. I am a grown woman.

    • Heh… nothing like a little shout out to get you to commit, eh? 😉 Happy Thanksgiving BTW…

      It really can’t be that bad right? How else are we gonna do it? I think I’m going to do pillow cases right after this week is over… why can’t they make pillow cases where the pillows stay IN the case? Sheesh.

      And HELL YEAH learning to thread the needle counts! I’m thinking the time I spent editing photos of the little sweaters I knit should count for tonight, although that may be pushing it.

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