In Celebration

Yes, I’m celebrating.

I’m celebrating one successful night (working on my second) of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge session last night. Have to say after looking at some of the other entries, I’m a bit—OK, a lot—intimidated, but I’m going to soldier on anyway. Sure, some people can sew four outfits for their kids in one hour, some of us take an hour to thread our needles. We all start somewhere. I have one new pair of little pants, and three more planned. Also a few embellished shirts that will all coordinate for four pairs of PJs. Pictures coming later.

I’m also celebrating my friend Cosy’s news! Not only has she released pattern, Orsolya, but she now has her own studio back in Pittsburgh where you can go to knit, spin, or buy some of her hand-dyed or hand-spun yarn, or look at smaples from some of her fabulous patterns including a few from her book. Yay Cosy!! I only wish I could be back in the ‘bugh to help you celebrate all your hard work!

You might remember Orsolya as that fabulous little test knit I whipped up super quick this summer. Well, I banged out two more right after I finished the first. This one was knit up with Autumn House Farm Shantung Silk and some Silky Merino from Malabrigo. I’ve been waiting to use that Autumn House Farm yarn for such a long time… I think there was no better way to show it off than this pattern.

Front View O3

Front View Detail

Hemline Detail

Looking Up

Back View

Oroslya and Puppers

Neckline Details

And here’s the other, made with some of Cosy’s hand-dyed yarn and just a touch of Cascade 220.

Oroslya the Second Back View

Orsolya and Drawing

Drawing on the Side

Close Up and Side View

Look at the Eyelets

Neckline Love

Cute Hemline Eyelets

Back Neckline

Heaven is a worsted knit for kids… it goes super super fast, and boy those kids make it look pretty adorable. I’m so thankful they all still like wearing things I make.

And man… this was the shortest photo session ever, and I actually got a few I could use. So I pushed my luck, and tired to get a shot of both together. Fun times.





Not Meant To Be

This is the closest I got.

Eating a Sponge

What? You don’t let your kid suck on a sponge to get her to stand still enough to model a dress that you knit ever-so-lovingly for her? Well! You’re missing out!


OK, time for me to get back to sewing… or maybe I’ll just go to bed and count the extra hour I put in last night as credit for today.

8 thoughts on “In Celebration

    • Hee hee… Sure! I’ll knit yours as soon as I finish my brother’s sweater, my mom’s slippers, the fifteen hats I’m supposed to finish (no, I’m not exaggerating) and the three sweaters for myself I’ve vowed to knit before I start anything else for others. As my mom mentioned in her comment, it might be quicker if I teach you to knit! 😉

      Speaking of teaching, let’s get together sometime this week or next, yes?

  1. Watch out danielle, she just might make you knit your own. Cheryl–those are great!! and they look great on the kids. Love Cosy’s pattern. You should try a bigger two–one for the oldest and one for you.

    • Mom, prepare yourself… when you come up I’m teaching you to knit. We’ll start with a dishcloth (you’ll make two) then you’ll be ready to make your slippers. 😉

    • Can not WAIT to read it! Just went over to look at those patterns… Adorbs!! I love that paper doll dress… I’ve been thinking about something similar for quite some time!

      And yeah, I knit too… it’s how this whole blog thing started. Don’t worry though, I don’t build houses. Or bake. 😉

  2. Ya know–I just realized something!! All of my creativity was given to you during our pregnancy. Give some of it back to me!! NOW. 🙂

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