Food on Friday :: Fresh Caught Squid

We had in our possession a gift certificate that was burning the proverbial hole in my pocket. Luckily, I noticed that my cookbook shelves had a few empty spots in need of filling, so fill them I did.

New Cookbooks

I have to admit that there are times that I have purchased a few new highly blogged recipe books that didn’t quite measure up to the hype. However, none of these book suffer from that particular malady; they have all lit that flame of inspiration I was missing for a while and I’m itching to get into the kitchen and give a few new recipes the old college try.

I started with a saffron chicken & herb salad from Ottolenghi’s new book Jerusalem, which did not disappoint.

Saffron Chicken and Herb Salad

I did, however, make a substitution…

Fresh Local Squid

Fresh, local-caught squid, right off of our very own coast.

A few weeks ago we found out about a local Seafood Exchange, similar to a CSA but  supporting our local fisheries and folk. It has been incredible, and we’re going to do it again come November when our current share expires. The selections this particular day were :: squid, flounder, whiting, cod, and something else I can’t remember. I think it’s obvious what I chose.

Saffron Squid Ingredients

One of the more interesting techniques in this particular recipe was taking an orange, removing the top and bottom, simmering the slices in honey, vinegar, saffron, and water for an hour, then pulsing it in the processor to make a paste. Although an hour seemed a bit long, by the time I shaved the fennel, washed, picked, and tore the herbs, as well as prepared and cooked the squid, it was done and ready to be thrown in the food processor.

Ready to Eat

The husband does not really care for squid, which is too bad because it only took seconds to cook, but he did finish his entire bowl.

Almost All Gone

As did I.

And although I was sad that he mostly doesn’t really love squid, I was more than happy to demolish the leftovers the next day.

Wonder how it tastes with chicken…


6 thoughts on “Food on Friday :: Fresh Caught Squid

  1. I say use chicken. The salad looks interesting. Are you hunkered down yet?? Oh and the prairie bread was fantastic and the gluten free muffins made wonderful bread crumbs for meatloaf. How was the orange sauce?

    • we are beginning to consider what actions we should take, should we decide to hunker. 😉 I bought some water yesterday and we have a plan for what to do if we lose power. I’m mostly worried about the flooding and power outages, not necessarily as much about the storm itself. Maybe we should move things around in the basement, just in case.

      The orange past is amazing, and made a lovely vineagrette for another salad I made later in the week!

    • Hee hee!! You know, I used to think I hated fish, but that was because the only fish I knew was Van De Kamps fish sticks that we ate during Lent. I was totally bowled over when I discovered how different fresh fish tasted, and I was an _instant_ sushi fan as soon as I was brave enough to take my first bite!

      When we first moved up here I told my dad I was going to get a license and buy a little boat and a few pots to catch lobster… then I realized how cheap it was (4.99 a lb right now) and those plans went out the window. I am going to go clamming though, as soon as someone shows me how. And I have high hopes that someone will teach me how to harvest and eat other forage-able things like the seaweed and other types of shelled critters. It’s so awesome to live this close to the water!!

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