Batten Down the Hatches

What are hatches? Why do we need to batten them? Enquiring mind want to know.

We are all hunkered down—safe, dry, cozy, and warm—while Ms. Sandy blows her hardest. Although my husband and my two middles experienced Irene in all of her six-days-without-power glory, this is my first full-blown hurricane here on the coast. I had vacation plans for later in the week, but it’s not clear how that’s going to shake out.

I had run out to take pictures of our shore and flooded salt marshes, but while out fighting the elements for a few perfect shots, I somehow failed to notice there was no card in my camera. It was a wee bit too scary to go back out.

the canon raincoat

All levity aside, it was truly frightening to see waves come in and cover and the entire row of homes that sits between us and the sea. I surely hope those folks evacuated safely and that their homes managed to avoid any damage.


2 thoughts on “Batten Down the Hatches

  1. Cheryl, you crack me up. Fingers crossed you can escape the clutches of Sandy for your vacation! Stay safe – may take a trip to Egypt looking for some driftwood tomorrow morning with the boys.

  2. Are you kidding me?? No card?? (but you thought I was going to holler at you) I AM!!! didn’t you learn the last time you were out in the storm with the water washing up on the road—-or did you forget? UH-OH lights are blinking for the first time here. Gotta go. You’re lucky little girl. 🙂

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