The Pantry Project :: Truth Telling Time

A few weeks, erm, uh, months ago, I  wrote to one of my friends, Heather, to ask beg for help with a project that needed some attention :: My pantry. I am lucky enough to have a friend who loves to organize, even though I thought such a person only lived in rainbow-land with the unicorns.

These are the pictures I sent her, which I will present to you, without comment.

Pantry Right

Pantry Left

Under the Window

Under Left Side Shelves

Second Detail

Junk Drawer Stuff

Glass Jars

Far Left of Shelves

Details Of Shelves

Back Of Door

That’s my pantry in all its glorious, hideous, excess of mess. She took pity on me, and this week I’m going to tackle this disaster (which has only gotten worse since I wrote the email, I can no longer see the floor) with her help. I’m gathering up all my resources and motivation now because she’s coming at the end of the week for a visit, and I want to get the pantry looking as close to those photos as I can, so I have some work to do. I am so thankful that I will be able to corral this into something that works better and I’m not embarrassed to be seen in. This is my project for the week; I hope you’ll stick around and chide me when I fall behind and offer your brilliant ideas and laugh when I spill lentils all over the floor.

Please, tell me I’m not the only one with a pantry like this?


12 thoughts on “The Pantry Project :: Truth Telling Time

  1. i will be zero help because i’m be strutting around like a proud peacock if i had this for a pantry; i use way too many stray and obnoxious “bags” and “boxes” for my “organization”. you.will.nail.this.TOO.and.i.can’

    • Ms K!! I have to admit the only reason it looks this good is due purely to the efforts of my blessed mother. When we moved in last year, we threw everything on the kitchen shelves into those reusable plastic shopping bags and threw everything that didn’t need to go in the fridge on the floor, still in the bags. For a week I couldn’t walk past it or, heaven forbid, _into it_ without hyperventilating. But Mom dove right in and had everything organized and looking so nice in all those bright boxes… maybe that’s why I think it’s such a mess. I know how nice it was when my mom did it, and after a year it has just completely lapsed into chaos. The boxes still look nice, but nothing is organized and we buy multiples of things because we can’t find them on the shelves. It was so pretty when she finished it!

  2. I was thinking that pantry looks pretty darn organized already, so apparently you aren’t the only one in this type of situation. In fact there are those in far worse straights.

    • Now I feel bad that I didn’t take pictures when you couldn’t see the floor. It certainly looks better here on these pics than it did two weeks ago when you had to push things around with your feet to get in. Ugh. Did I really just admit that on the internet? Well, there’s no evidence so I can’t be convicted 😉

  3. Listen, mess or not I would KILL to have a pantry like that period. I have no room (and I mean it) to store anything. When we get off our butts to finish the basement I told James we’re going to have to create another basement just to store things in.

    • Heh… I hear ya on that! In our last place the kitchen was really spacious, but somehow lacked storage, and there wasn’t a pantry. We had food and kitchen equipment everywhere and things fell out of our cabinets every.single.time I opened the doors. It drove me bonkers. I really truly adore having this space, but it sure makes me sad that I haven’t shown it how greatly it’s appreciated. I’m really looking forward to getting it back into shape and getting better usage out of it!

  4. I agree with Alex. I have no pantry to be messy, but would love your’s! Can’t wait to see how your friend helps you. Perhaps, I could use the tips in other areas of my house 🙂

    • I can’t wait for her to get here! I find it fascinating how much she enjoys organizing and she’s already given me some really valuable pointers. EEK! So excited!! And yeah, her advice has already led to some other organization projects around the house… it’s like I have a fire lit under a particular anatomical part that I can’t mention here without making my mom mad 😉

  5. Hrmm. The before pics look pretty good to me. But I’m also super proud of myself for using this national holiday to unpack a box. Sure, I moved in two years ago. Don’t judge. 🙂

    • Laws a MERCY! You think I have room to judge, we of the “Is this box here in our basement from San Francisco” fame? Sheyeah… like I’ll judge.

  6. My basement isn’t as big as your pantry. When you get all the helpful hints, maybe you can send some my way. I noticed the in my little kitchen with 7 drawers, three of them are junk catchers. Looking to get some slide out shelves for the one cabinet. Let us see your progress.

    • I’ll definitely share the advice I get. Heather’s already passed along some jewels! And it’s not from lack of us trying that your basement is so small! We _warned_ you!! 😉

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