A Side Project

I don’t know about you, but when taking on a larger project, a whole lot of smaller ones seem to pop-up. Right before Heather and Ashley arrived, I decided one of the projects I needed to tackle was the basement entry way.

Make sense, right? I mean, who doesn’t want a nice cleaned up staircase to greet them when they walk down the stairs to drop off things in the basement?

OK, fine. What if I told you a few months ago a not so clever mama dropped a quart of paint all over the wall, and it was just about time to clean it up?

The Accident

Funny story about that paint spill. It happened minutes—minutes—after I dealt with another paint disaster, that being the baby dumping out half a quart can on herself and the floor. I came down from my bedroom, started getting the coffe brewing and heard a funny noise, which was the baby squidging around in all the lovely green latex paint I left on the floor in a coffee can the night before, feeling too lazy to take it down to the basement as I should’ve after finishing up the sideboard. So I grabbed her, got her bathed, rinsed out the clothes, mopped up the floor (possibly not quite in that order), grabbed one can in each hand, turned around and lost my grip on the can in my right, which flew gracefully and in slow motion out of my hand, bouncing at a delightful angle off the floor, flipping its lid and letting the Duck Egg Blue flow like precious turquoise milk through the air to splatter artfully on the steps and wall.

I hadn’t yet had one sip of coffee.

So it was time to take care of a bit of clean up in aisle one, and I had just the project in mind. If you remember this image from the pantry…

Junk Drawer Stuff

… it’s quite a crazy collection of all our pens and pencils and other various junk that needs a home for four months before I finally decide it’s OK to throw it all out. The paint spill was on the right side of the stairs…

Still There

… and on the left were two copper baskets I used to store my onions and garlic. Seems like a clever idea, right? But in the end the top of the basement stairs were too warm and kept rotting/sprouting everything I stored there, so they needed to be moved. Where sould one store onions and garlic? I know they can’t be stored with potatoes (You know that right? They both release gases that soften and sprout the other.) but I like to buy onions in bulk and need a better storage solution. You can also see how we recycle here. No, not in those lovely wall containers I made the husband install, but rather on the steps, which eventually starts blocking the path and makes a lovely sounds when you trip on them on your way to grab some paper towels.

Not Working


At any rate, I thought the right side would be wonderful for another chalkboard to keep track of my shopping lists. So I took 20 minutes (2 sessions, 10 minutes each) to paint it and get it ready and working!


And on the other side I added one Grundtal bar to contain the pencil/pen mess, but still have it in an accessible spot.

Pencil Cups

I need another longer bar as well as a few S rings. Thought I had kept them after the last move, but if I did, I’ve placed them in some magical location that no person on this earth could find. It’s also where the mates to all my single socks go between the wash and the dry cycle. Also, I believe, my sanity.


We were all hoping to make it out to IKEA last week (or was it the week before that?), but all our plans were derailed by the lovely blizzard that blew on through and took our power.

And my sanity.

I also began cleaning the third floor office, the basement, and the garage. No, I’m not kidding. No, not any single one of those had any bearing what-so-ever on the pantry project. No, I did not really think it through. See above sanity references.

6 thoughts on “A Side Project

  1. Well, the pantry just got you so pumped up you started thinking about everything else that needed to be done! I wish you could send some of that cleaning/organizing enthusiasm my way. We are in desperate need of a reorganization here!

    • Heh… yeah, it’s a devilish wind that blows in these parts when Mama starts “organizing.” Normally it means several trash bags of things (and junk) get removed and donated for little ones’ bedrooms and playrooms. It’s easier to deal with their stuff than mine 😉 And I’m pretty sure it’s coming to a close… I notice the frenzy builds as a deadline approaches and I have a big one in six more weeks. EEK!

  2. I have this habit that when I start to clean in one area, something there needs put away in another area, leading me to realize that the area needs some straightening up, which finds another item that goes somewhere else that leads me to another area that needs fixing and then I find myself back in the original spot where I first started. And so it goes. One nice thing about it is that if you keep going in circles like that, eventually each room gets cleaned. Another bad gene trait????

    • This one I don’t think is “bad genetics”; this one actually gets things done. It’s just a pain to be in the middle of it feeling overwhelmed that one task has blossomed into ten, none of which are done. Sigh. It’s like the wind, it blows in and out, and you never know when it’s going to show up or how long it’s going to stay.

  3. Just paint over it. In fact tell your kids it will be a fun project for them to do? Just me? Damn my parenting. I also have the Grundtal bar in my bathroom. Should I tell you now or later that they’ve apparently discontinued a lot of the pieces for it (rather revised them). I have a love/hate thing with the hooks. My God they need to invent better hooks for them b/c I am always knocking them off the bar.

  4. Yeah, I can just imagine how handing a paintbrush to each of the 7, 5, 4, and 1 year olds would work out for me 😉 And by ” work out” I mena drive me to the brink then over the edge so that I would spend quite a bit of time in the local sanatorium enjoying their lovely cocktails, and not the alcoholic kind…

    And yeah, IKEA with their “redesigns”… sigh. Luckily the only thing I need is another bar or two and the S hooks. My IKEA list keeps getting longer and longer, and the husband keeps getting more and more stressed every time he walks past it.

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