Half Bath Project :: A Little Painting Here and There

Some Color

It’s called Royal Fuschia, a shade by Benjamin Moore. But really, everytime I looked at it, I couldn’t help but to sing Raspberry Beret.

Rollin Rollin Rollin

It’s quite shocking, isn’t it? I mean, who paints magenta in a bathroom these days?

Raspberry Beret or Royal Fuschia

But paint it I did, and three people walked into the bathroom and never noticed it until after I pointed it out.

Really Bright

You see, it’s on the ceiling.

Tomorrow… the trim!

11 thoughts on “Half Bath Project :: A Little Painting Here and There

  1. I KNEW IT!!!! I would have seen it, cuz that’s where I wouldved looked for it. I got ya figured out kiddo. It only took ?? yrs. Better late that never.

    • Geez Louise I wish you were here right now! I need another set of eyes (and arms and hands) in getting this trim up. When can you come back up Grammy… we NEED you!

    • Wait until you see it all together and finished. It might end up looking terrible. Sigh. This trim is going to be the death of me (hence the reason I’m blogging and not “trimming”)

      • Not finished yet. I don’t know what the problem is unless the guy we have to meet with is on vacation. He usually goes to SC this time of year. UGH!
        At least two more days, unfortunately that could stretch into two more weeks.

  2. now i have that stupid song going through my head. darn you! come visit nyc, and i’ll let you stay in the room painted “whisper violet”. yes, i painted a room in my apartment purple. 🙂

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