Favorites From France




To Market To Market


Rainy Lunch

Sacre Coeur

Eiffel Chics

Eiffel At An Angle

Picnic In the Park


Notre Dame

Water Travel People

Looksy Locks



Looksy Pathe

Parisian Alley

I waited nearly my entire life to get there. There were quite a number of attempts, none of which came to fruition. But a ten year anniversary seemed a rather opportune moment to try to align the stars, and align they all did. We even managed, serendipitously, to schedule our trip at the same time as our good friends who were also there celebrating their ten year anniversary, which made out time there even sweeter. I was a teeny bit worried that all the years of dreaming might have my raised my expectations too high, but the city lived up to all I imagined.

It might have taken ten years to get there, but it won’t take another ten to get back.


8 thoughts on “Favorites From France

  1. your pictures are amazing. so glad you got to celebrate the big 10 there. loved the FB pics along the way, too. truly, you captured some amazing pictures. xoxox to you and Eric.

  2. Paris was one of my dream destinations and we got there as a family when my daughter was studying abroad in Spain. Did you get to see la Tour Eiffel sparkle? Or enjoy the pots au chocolate at Angelina’s on Rue de Rivoli? Or dine at Bofinger? If not, you’ll definitely have to put those on your list when you return! Au revoir!

    • The first night I was there—we stayed in Montmartre—something caught my eye as I was walking up our street… a spotlight that I assumed was from Moulin Rouge only a block or so away from us. But when I finally looked up and realized it was the Eiffel Tower, in all her full glory right there perfectly framed in the middle of the street, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. I hope I never forget that moment! We passed by Angelina’s but it was so hot and we were so parched that we couldn’t bear the thought of drinking hot chocolate right then. And no dinner at Bofinger’s either… I suppose I will just have to get back since I’ve missed a few essentials! 😉

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