Surviving a Blizzard It’s Two AM Style

First, pitch a tent, assuming (quite correctly I might add) that you’ll lose power in the 75 miles per hour gusts and the living room and its gas fireplace will be the only warm place in the house.

Pitch a Tent

The Tent

Make sure there are plenty of sleeping bags, flashlights, and extra blankets.

Tent and Sleeping Bags

Be thankful you didn’t take all those extra blankets to Goodwill as you wanted every single time you saw the box in the basement.

Blankets All Over

Blanket the Doorways

Find some puzzles.


And find your knitting. Hope the kids will actually give you some time to knit during the daylight hours. Hints for those who guessed incorrectly :: They didn’t.

LOTS of Knitting

Read books. Eat cookies.

Read Books

Wear warm slippers and stay in your house coats all day (and maybe even at night!).

Wear Slippers

Take a nap.

Take Naps

Take LOTS of naps.

Take LOTS of Naps

Eat some cake you pulled out of the oven one hour before the power went out.

Eat Cake

Get outside in all your wind and water proof gear.

Play Outside

Drag yourself out to get some pictures, since it’s the first real snow you’ve seen all year. Great White North my a$$.

Snow Blown

Drifted In

Front Porch

Side Porch

These hips don’t lie folks. That’s a drift that goes above my waist if I would’ve let myself sink all the way down.

Hips Don't Lie

Enjoy it while it’s there, because it won’t last long.

Backyard Trees

The Backyard

Enjoy taking off your boots and getting back into your warm cozy slippers sitting beside the fire.

Snowy Snow Boots

Really enjoy having a mud room that can handle all you can give it.

Mud Room Mess

Once the gales die down, watch the storm out at sea.

Stormed Out at Sea

Watch your poor sea-bound lighthouse get battered.

23 Surfside Neighbors

Poor lighthouse. Poor seaside neighbors…

Poor Lighthouse

Play the game :: Will He Get Stuck or Won’t He? (Answer :: Only stuck for a half hour in our driveway, three hours in our neighbor’s.)

Will He Make It

Enjoy your new perspective.

Inside Perspective

Outside Persepctive

Marvel at the fact that you managed to finish your hat, despite the kids’ best efforts.

Make A Hat

And then begin the arduous process of cleaning it all up, and hope like hell it’s done before the week is out. (Hint :: It isn’t)

Clean Up