The Manon

At least one Christmas present is finally complete!

Manon by Norah Gaughan, knit up in Malabrigo for my fabulous, super-stupendous step-mother extrodinaire.

This was an incredible knit… and I am so looking forward to making up one for myself!


The lovely buttons she chose worked beautifully. I knit up a two stitch i-cord for the button loops, and reinforced the waistband with a whip stitch so the closures wouldn’t distort the ribbing.


The construction of the sweater was amazing. Knitting up the first triangle was the confidence builder for the jump-of-faith you take on building the next panel… follow the instructions as written and without over-thinking it and you’ll be just fine. Especially if, unlike me, you count correctly and don’t drop a stitch or two as you go along. I ended up posting to a few ravelry groups and writing a quick message to Ms. Gaughan herself because something wasn’t going quite right. In then end, I had to frog the second side of the peplum once I figured out that the reason for the confusion and trouble was due to the incorrect stitch count. It is a good thing to know that Norah was willing to help out with the pattern and offer some suggestions as to where to find more help.


Oh that peplum!!


The yarn was yummy to work with, and is so very warm. Being a single ply I know that it will pill, and the stitch definition would be sharper with a plied yarn, but I suspect that it will be worn with great care, and I really needed the fiber to extra, super, soft. Funnily enough, the same day I finished the sweater, my step mom and I had an interesting conversation about wool. She proclaimed that she could tell when a sweater contained 1% wool, and that all wool would scratch. I swore to her that not all wool was itchy, but she wasn’t convinced. Too bad, I thought to myself, you’re getting the sweater anyway and if you don’t like it, I’ll take it back and wear it myself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky.

As far as fit, I think it worked very well for her shape, which is rather petite. But when I go to knit one for myself, I’ll need to add about two inches to the length of the bodice, below the arm hole shaping, so the waistband will hit below my chest. Although it looks like the design is meant to hit higher than that, I prefer a more “empire” waisted fit.

And in one final note… I am desperately missing my SLR, film-based though it is. Our little PowerShot is a fantastic point and shoot that I never thought I would use at all and is incredibly handy for snapshots of the kids, but the lack of focal length in driving me quite batty. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can find myself a digital SLR…