Sibling Gifts :: Fleecy Winter Wear

To round out the parade of handmade sibling gifts of the Christmas 2012 season, I have this one last post with a project I worked on with our oldest :: Fleecy Winter Wear.

Swaddled In Fleece

Have you seen the insanity that is Joann’s Fabrics when it’s time to roll out the winter fleece? I didn’t know it was possible for one store to offer such a huge variety of different fleece styles. They had it in three separate aisles, along the tops of displays, and all along the top shelves on the outer walls in the store. Crazy.

I wanted to take the eldest with me to pick out fabrics, but due to an outbreak of flu and other illnesses in our home, I had to run out last minute to grab something quick so we could at least get something made and under the tree. This was almost as last minute as you could get; we finished the last bit right before dinner and bed-time Christmas Eve.

Sock Monkey Fleece

There aren’t an enormous number of images showing how we made these. Since I significant portion of this involved the sewing machine, and I’m not very proficient and my daughter was quite out of her comfort zone, I didn’t feel like I should be snapping photos while we’re both sweating bullets.

Fleecy Supplies

But overall, The scarves were an easy project, even for us sewing machine neophytes! Pick some fleece, cut it, pin it, sew it together except for a few inches at either end, flip it inside out, top stitch on either side, then cut a fringe on the ends, and tie it in knots.

Fun Fringe

The hat was a bit more tricky, and it didn’t work quite the way I had envisioned (didn’t mean for the ugly seam to be exposed, but alas, perfection wasn’t the goal, done was!), so I’m going to spare you any attempt to explain what I did, although I will say I took a measurement of the baby’s head to use when cutting out the rectangles, and that worked well.

Fleecy Hat With Fringe

And even though it is rough around the edges and not at all finessed, the baby loves it so very dearly. Dearly enough that once I put it on her head, I can’t take it off. And since she doesn’t stand still for photos, I needed to throw it on the four year old’s head in order to get a few snaps.

So there you have it… a round-up of all the sibling created handmades under the tree this year. But wait… there’s more!

Even though the littlest one isn’t quite old enough to partake of the making, she does manage to find someone to help her purchase a few small tokens to give out, namely fun band-aids!

Fun Bandages

So there you have her contribution, and now, I swear, we’re all done!


…the latest FO, my first project with cables…





There are quite a few mistakes, but I didn’t really fuss over them too much; this was a proof of concept hat for me, more of a swatch than anything else. I wanted to try cables, as I seem to be drawn to projects with interesting texture, and I’m really excited about color, so I wanted to see if I could combine them. It didn’t seem like it should be impossible. The problem was that the tension between color changes became too tight, so there was little stretch, and the garter stitch poofed out between cables. It took a few rounds to figure out how to maintain a loose enough tension–I used a yarn over that I dropped in the next round before and after each cable–but once I got into the rhythm, it went pretty quickly. I’m really excited about trying more colored cables… I think I might do a few more hats and try some more interesting cables to see how applicable this method will bewith more complicated designs.

Pattern: Adult Cabled Hat found on Ravelry
Designer: Diana Jordan for Momogus Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Celery and Wisdom Yarns Poems color 550
Needles: US size 9, bamboo

I named it Conquistador because of the shape it took off the needles


All Quiet

Radio silence had to be maintained for a few days due to Project “Preservation of Sanity.”And to my confirmed three readers, I do apologize. I will do my utmost best not let it occur again.

I have been doing quite a bit since I finished the last snowman hat. I, of course, didn’t manage to finish the sister hat by that Thursday, although it is mighty close to being done and off the list. Not only did I have to take some time to recover from the flu, but I also managed to get a little side-tracked while I tried several different stitch patterns for the new hat. Before decided on the baubles, there were at least two variations of garter/stockinette patterns that just didn’t tickle my fancy, and then I frogged three different hat tops until I went back to my original idea which was to hold the two yarns double as I knit the decreases. I think the reason it’s not done yet is because I don’t love it. There’s a definite fondness of which I’m sure, but I just can’t decide if I think the doggone thing is too strange or not. Cute I’m OK with; kooky I like, especially if it is for me. But this one is a struggle to define.

Here’s one in-progess of an early, but frogged patternmaryfrogged2.jpg

Here’s the baubles

and here’s the doubled yarn top

ehhh… like I said, no love. And, this was a hard yarn to photo… my little camera kept picking up the halo and overexposing the shot. Yikes.