More Bread Love

Made some ketchup… it’s the most lovely snack when paired with whole grain sourdough bread. So easy to make; for the first time I cooked it in my slow-cooker which was a revelation. Mix everything in the pot, prop the lid open with a spoon, go to sleep, come down in the morning and give it a good stir. Et voila! Ketchup! I canned mine up so it will last indefinitely, as I could not imagine what to do with that much of it before it spoiled in the fridge.


Also, I’m totally stuck on making stock.


We’ve been roasting one whole chicken every week, which feeds the kids for at least three or four meals, and the grown-ups at least one. Last week we had a whole chicken with roasted brussel sprouts and pecans, on top of a cauliflower puree, and it fed four adults with leftovers. After we’re done eating the bird, the bones get thrown in the pot with some aromatics and simmered every so slowly while we sleep. In the morning, I strain it, then chill it in the fridge to remove the congealed fat later. Low sodium and low fat… extra low price!

Last week I made a lovely risotto with a can of my stock and the stems from the kale I used in another meal. MMMMmmmm. Delicious! Wish I had a picture.