Pajamas for KCWC

I did it. I did it, I did it, I did it, I DID IT!!

I made PJ’s! Two sets for two kids, and I’ve kept up with the at least one hour a week of sewing everyday for the challenge. Woo HOO!

Two Sets of PJs

OK, fine, I didn’t sew the tops, but I did embellish them and I say that counts.

Orange Top

Blue Square

And look!! Look at the cuffs!! I did something fancy!

Two Cuffs

Too Many Toes

I made them take their socks off because I found the socks too distracting… so I took mine off in solidarity!

Fuschia Top and Bottom

Blue Top and Bottom

I can’t really do much, but it turns out that I can make things (and decorate them!) with what I do know how to do.

Details Details Details

I won’t mention that the blue pants already have a hole in them, because, well, because I just did and I’m still so thrilled that I managed to make PJs, that I don’t really care all that much. I can sew it back together!!

I’m sewing!! Yay!!