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We have finally reached that glorious day, Epiphany, the last of the twelve days of Christmas, when we pull down the tree and most of the Christmas decorations get wrapped back up, placed lovingly in their box, and put away in a corner of the basement for next year’s festivities. It is normally not a task I look forward to, but this year, for the first time I can remember, I was anxious to get the tree down and everything put away and tidied up. Granted, there are still a few things hanging around, but for the most part we’ve moved on. I suspect come the first heavy snowfall that I will miss my twinkle lights and glass balls, but now that we have internet radio, I feel assured that I can sneak in some time on the window seat with a hot cuppa somethin’ and get my fix of carols. Keep your fingers crossed for me; I am desperate for some good snow.

For the past three years I have managed to get the kids together to make a little something for their siblings for Christmas. With so many children and as many birthdays, more shopping trips for toys is not exactly what we need, but I treasure the time I get to spend with each kid planning and making gifts for their siblings to open. And the kids are the perfect age to enjoy this right now, so I am making hay. This year, due to all our right-before-the-holiday-viruses passed around and me down and out with the flu, we got it in right under the wire, but we still finished in time to have something wrapped from each sibling to the others.

The first project I’ll show you is one from our son to his sisters. This was originally his idea, whispered into my ear before a birthday, and remembered by this addle-brained mother just in time. He wanted to get barrettes for the girl’s because they could never find matching ones when they needed them. So one day when we were in the pharmacy filling yet another prescription, we grabbed a few sets for each girl along with a few bottles of glittery nail polish carefully selected by our five year old guy.


It only took a few minutes to get one coat on each set; four pair of large for the biggest sister, four pair of small for each of the littler ones.


There was a whole lot of concentration and not much chatter during craft time, and he also started with the color he believed his biggest sister would like the best.


I placed the barrettes onto the back of two index cards that I cut, so he could more easily see where the paint was, and I could more easily run my nail around the edge of the wet polish so it would release from the card when it dried. That turned out to be a good idea, the running if the nail around the edge. It took a few coats each for every set and the black barrettes looked better and needed less than the simulated tortoise shell, but overall, it was simple enough that a five year old could do it mostly on his own.


I think the results were simply spectacular!

The girls have certainly enjoyed them, and the baby has even kept hers in her hair without tossing them off in less than ten minutes as she does any type of clothing we put on her.




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21 thoughts on “Sibling Gifts :: Glittery Barrettes

    • Thanks Ms. K!! Hoping to get the next one put together before tonight, but that all depends on which kid gets sick next… silly experimental virus lab otherwise known as our home in January.

  1. What a fun idea! I am always trying to think of different things to do with nail polish aside from putting it on my nails haha. Thanks for sharing – I think I’m going to try this!

    • Thank you June! It really was a fun little project and I have to admit to wearing a few of them myself! 😉 I could see us using this for a quick little birthday present for friends (adult and child alike) as well.

      • Definitely! I am going to be keeping this is in my list of quick and easy gift projects now for when I might need to make something, especially since I already have all the supplies on hand!

    • Thanks Danielle. He is a cute kid. When he gave them out Christmas morning and the girls asked him if he made them he very precisely explained that no, he didn’t make them, but he did paint them. 😉

  2. Yay little/big brother!! You scored!!! They turned out so great for little hands. I would never have thought of glitter nail polish. Looks like the “think outside the box” is being handed down to each child and that is great. Good job Momma.

    • Thanks Mom! And just to keep it real, he wanted to get the girls barrettes, but I thought about painting them with nail polish. He got to pick out the colors. He picked out and awesome green one (yay for chartruese lovers!) but he put it back because that was his favorite color, not his sisters’. 😉

      • maybe someone can remember the color and make a Mother’s day gift since it seems you are wearing the girls barretts. HEY HUBBY—make sure you think of this!!!

    • Right back atcha sister! Although I may hold off on the hugging back in order to not infest you with our super bugs. Yer welcome 😉

    • Holy Cow am I happy to see you here! I seriously owe you some comments!! Thanks for not giving up on me! Gotta run and grab a kid from school, but wanted to wave as I sped on by!!

      • Ugh… we’ve had such a run of illness here that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to feel like blogging again. I have to say it hasn’t been so bad being the mom of four, until everyone is sick, then it’s a teeny weensy bit overwhelming.

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