Bye Bye Bunting

Someone, age five, is finally getting his bedroom fixed up just a bit.

Paper Airplanes

His sisters have had some nicely decorated rooms in previous homes, but this is his first nice big boy bedroom.

Flying Away

He’s quite fond of telling everyone the color of the paint on his walls (even if he’s only just met you three seconds ago) :: Dill Pickle. A pretty good name for a color.

Bunting In A Corner

Years ago, right after he was born, I found a set of nicely framed travel prints on sale that I tucked away until it would be time for his own bedroom. I dug them out of a box one month ago and finally got them up on his wall.

Travel Prints

When I was growing up my mom always had our rooms—OK the entire house—decorated so nicely, and I remember how much I liked to sit with her and pick out new curtains and bed spreads and other things.

Another Globe

I’m hoping to make some of those memories with my kids too.

Three Strands

I made the bunting out of paper airplanes I folded using scrapbook paper and old maps I bought in a batch on eBay.

Three Strands

It really didn’t take that long to fold, although I did get distracted by some writing I found on the vintage maps; I began to daydream about who the writer was and why they were traveling to Florida. In my head they looked achingly similar to my grandparents, who have been gone for a few years now. The maps had a slight musty smell which only added to the nostalgia my imaginings brought on.

Looking Up

They’re attached to the wall with picture hanging nails and some DMC thread. I stapled the base of the plane closed to keep it on the string.

It was a quick project, and someone was very excited about the new addition to his room. There were signs of happiness everywhere I looked, literally.

Signs of Happiness

And happiness, I’m happy to report, is something we always welcome around these parts.




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30 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bunting

    • Thanks Danielle and you know what they say… “Great Minds…!!” I have a few leftover, and I have so many ideas yet; I wonder if I’m going to have to get another lot?

    • It is fun to look at other people’s homes, isn’t it? I loved watching you and Rich pull together your home when you first moved in!! Thank so much!!

  1. I see what you did with the third strand and it looks better than what you drew. Did the second child write that on his own?? Talented like his momma.

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    • Aww! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying so! I have to admit, the little guy still tells me now and then that he really loves his room, so I guess he really means it!

      • we are moving in August and I was looking for a colour for the bathroom – I think I found it looking at your sons bedroom! Awesome colour

      • Oh yay!! Moving is exciting and I love picking out new colors (although I hate the packing and unpacking… well… and the moving as well). Good luck with it and have fun painting (I do love to paint!).

    • Oh wow!! What a lovely comment! Thank you so very much for stopping by and saying something! It really is quite an easy project… I’d love to see what you come up with!

    • I hung string from one corner of the room to another, then placed the string in the wing, tucked between the folds of paper. Then I stapled the bottom of the plane in the center. Hope that makes sense!

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    • You know, I’m not sure what size they are, but I used the map folds to create sizes and I folded the scrap book paper in halves until I got a good sized rectangle. Hope that helps, as late as the response is…

  4. I stumbled upon your blog, while looking for paper airplane bunting, on line. My son is turning 3, and we are having a paper airplane party for him. I wanted something spectacular, that could be hung up in his room when the party was over (all this stems from an airplane mobile I ordered at restoration hardware, only to have them call me the next day and tell me it was no longer available…). I found some on etsy, and was about to buy them, when I discovered they cost $15/each to ship… I wasn’t going to pay $30 in shipping! Thank you SO MUCH! BTW, love his room.

    • Thank you for the props! I hope you were able to try this out with much success! My son is still thrilled with them hanging around, so I’m quite glad that we got our money’s worth and that others are able to enjoy it as well!

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